Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Referendum in Iceland - will it be held next saturday ?

Next saturday ( march 6 ) a National Referendum will be held in Iceland.
It is about the Icesave law,passed at the Icelandic parliement last december 31.
The Icesave law,states ,that Iceland will pay the Icesave account,that one of the banks could not pay after the banking crisis.
It was an account that was in England and Holland.
But a better deal with the Dutch and England is in the works now, so why should a referendum be held ?

And next saturday at 15:00 hours,there is the weekly protest meeting in front of the Parliement.
This saturday, a group ,calling themselfes,the Parliement of the street,will walk from Hlemmur, and to the protest site and start walking at 14:00 hours.
What they are planning is not known at this point.

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  1. Og þú á réttum stað á réttum tíma as always !