Sunday, February 28, 2010

Media in Iceland not to be trusted ?

Are Icelandic press to be trusted ?
Icelandic reproters are all working for some political party.
Morgunbladid, the oldest newspaper in Iceland,is controlled by the former,Prime minister,CEO of the central bank and chairman of the Independence party,mr. David Oddson.
Frettabladid, the free newspaper,is controlled by the former editor of the Morgunbladid.
Frettabladid owners are the big CEO´s of Baugur group,Jon Asgeir Johannesson and others.
Channel 2 news is also owned by owners of Baugur group.
The state tv news ,is controlled by the Education minister,who is a member of the Left green movement.
Now the discussion is, did the reporters accept travel gifts and more from the CEO´s ,responsable for the Banking crash ?
Can Icelandic media be trusted ?
So you must always remember ,when reading the news, who owns this newspaper/tv/radio/webnews.

The biggest banana republic in Europe , Iceland- video

When the govermnet took over in ICeland last year, they promised to protect the public.
That they would put a shield so that the public would not go bankrupt,and would survive the banking crisis.
Or that is what people heard and thought that they where promising.
BUt since then , the only peole who have gotten protection , and the goverment shield, are the Bankers ,and CEO´s of big companys.
They have gotten the debts,written off, and dont have to pay a pennie ,of what they had borrowd from the banks.

If you are ultra rich in Iceland , you are allowed to break every law in the book.
Many members of parliement are in this group,that do not have to pay.
And some have gotten their debts , in the hundred of millions, written off.
So they keep the big cars, and homes in Iceland and in foreign countries.
But the public will have to pay.

They have raised every tax on the public they could.
Income tax,gas tax, and so on.
Now there are unemployed 17.510 in Iceland .
While they are negotiating with the Bankers and CEO´s, at the same time are people put in jail for stealing a little meat to have something to eat.

And now for some humor.
On the video ,they call Iceland the biggest Banana republic in Europe .

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Corruption is going well in Iceland

Ceo´s of companys are still asking for the banks to forget their debts.
And it is in the Billions of Icelandic kronas ( 1us$ = 128 kronas )
MAny of the govermnet appointed Ceos´of the banks,are also in big debts.
One of the CEO is an accountant, and owns four companys that are in 1,5 billion krona debt at LAndsbanki,but works at Glitnir banki.
Another former CEO of an insurance company ,,has asked that his debt ,of about 500 million kronas,be written off.
And he is the brother of the Finance minister,who was in the goverment when the banks crashed 2008.

Many of the bankers are sitting at both sides of the table.
All politically connected ,one way or the other.
They had good rules ,from the goverment, and could get the money out of the country ,to tax havens,and paid no taxes.

Few Members of parliement have also taken part in the money movement to foreign countries,and breaking the law, in taking illeagal loans.
There is a rotten fish in every political party in Iceland these days.

But to keep you all positive, here is a video i took last weeken, and it shows a frozen pond in center of reykjavik,and people having fun.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Houses destroyed in Europe and USA , videos

Things are not going well in Iceland.
Big Ceo´s and big companys , are getting the debts written off.
At the same time, the public gets no help at all.
But some banks are not going to auction houses this year, even though people can not pay their debts.
Last year, one angry man destroyed his house, before the bank took it.
And in USA, a man did the same thing ,and destroyed his house.
Here you can see the videos.
The first one , is of the Icelander destroying his house,and then the man in USA destroying his house.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Protest in Iceland today - video and photos

The weekly protest was held today in Reykjavik.
People are protesting why the goverment is doing nothing to help the public,in their financial problems.
It looks like that the sause and pan revolution last year,did nothing but change the players on the field.
It is still the same corruption in place.
The goverment helps the Bankers and CEO,s of big bankrupt companys, but the public suffers and has to pay.

Here are a few photos and video i took today in front of the ICelandic Parliement building.

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Monday, February 15, 2010

2 protesters sentenced in court in Iceland today

Two protesters where sentenced to prison today in Iceland.
Paul Ramses , a political assylum seeker from Kenya ,was being out of Iceland july 3rd,2008 .
At Keflavik International airport in ICeland, two protesters , who where protesting that the goverment where sending mr. Ramses out of Iceland, and not even investigating his claims for assylum, the protesters ran on one of the runways at Keflavik.
One of the protesters ,mr. Haukur Hilmarsson ,was sentenced to 60 days in prison,and the other one, mr.Jason Thomas Slade was sentenced to 45 dyas ,probation.
Mr Haukur Hilmarsson took part in the banking crisis protest last year, and was arrested then , but after a group of protesters attacked the Police HQ, he was soon relised from the Police HQ.
Mr Paul Ramses , was sent back to Iceland after a short stay in Italy. And he is still in ICeland.
Here you can see videos of when mr. Haukur , put a Bonus flag on Parliement and also the attack on Police HQ, and his speach when he was relised.
He talks in ICelandic , but he is telling the people to use their energy to revolt against the Icelandic goverment

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Protest in Iceland february 13 2010 ,photos and video

Looks like after the protests last year in Iceland, that ended in a election, that they just put another team on the field, but did not change the system.
Still corruption,Bankers lost a lot of money ,and maybe stole some of it, are still in control .
They got there debts written off , and got to keep the companys.
But the public is loosing their houses and cars.
Many are moving to other countries to get some work.
But the big gamblers ( Bankers and CEO´s) are still having a nice time , and not loosing a pennie.

Loans in Iceland illeagal - video

THe Foreign currency loans in Iceland,are illeagal ,according to a district court.
This puts some of the blame on Bankers and finance companys.
It will probably be appealed to the Iceland supreme court.
But this changes the payment that many are having problems with paying.
Today there is a planned protest in Reykjavik at 15:00 hours.
And here is a video of the Icelandic Symphony , and in the middle of the video - Darth Vader takes control.
I took this last october

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Icelandic Civil Defence protests auctiones in Iceland

Yesterday ,one apartment was to be auctioned ,due to bad loans that the owners had on it. And after the Banking crash, they could not pay ,and the loan got higher.
But when the Sherrif and police arrived to auction off the apartment,there where protesters there .
They where not trying to stop the auction , but to protest ,what the govermnet is not doing for the public in Iceland.
The goverment and banks are writing off debts , by companys , and CEO´s of big companys, but they are taking the public ,to the cleaners.
The protest group that arrived to protest, are going to protest more,at auctiones, and they call themselfs , the Icelandic Civil Defence.
The signs says " Lawyers of all banks , Unite "

Monday, February 8, 2010

Max Keiser talks about the Icelandic crisis,with Egill Helgasson ,video

Here you can see an interview on Icelandic TV last sunday.
Egill Helgasson, with a TV talk show on the State TV in Iceland, tlaks to Max Keiser about the Banking crisis in Iceland.
The interview is quite interesting , worth watching.
It begins with a short clip in Icelandic , then they talk in English.

And here is also a interview by Max Keiser with a representative of the Indefence group in Iceland.

Corruption in every political party in Iceland ?

Arion Bank ( former Kaupthing) is taking Bjorgulf Thor Bjorgulfsson to court, and try to get him to pay 6 billion kronas.
It is the loan he and his father, Bjorgulfur Bjorgulfsson,got when they bought Landsbanki 2003.
Bjorgulfur Bjorglufsson,is bankrupt ,but his son still owns a few companys.
They havent paid anything ,of the loan that they got in 2003.

MR. Tryggvi Þór Herbertsson ,member of Parliement ,was before the banking crash,Economic
advisor to the Icelandic goverment.
Tryggvi had been a bank manager at Askar Capital ,before the Prime minister asked him to work for the goverment.
He said that he would take a 6 months leave from the bank,and he would not get any money from the bank,while he was working for the goverment,so there would be no conflict of interests.
No one of the medias in Iceland ,is saying that while he was working for the govermnent, he got 16 million kronas paid from Askar Capital ,as bonus money.
Tryggvi is in the Independent party

Mr Össur Skarpheðinsson,Foreign minister in the Icelandic goverment,sold his stocks in the financial company SPRON, and made 70 million kronas,just before the bank whent public on the Icelandic stock exhange.
And when it was finally public, the stocks fell down dramatically, and now SPRON is bankrupt .
Össur is in the The Social Democratic Alliance

Top -Bjorgulf Thor Bjorgulfsson
Middle-Tryggvi Þór Herbertsson
Bottom- Össur Skarphedinsson

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Protest in Iceland - february 6 - more video

Here is more video from the protest yesterday in Reykjavik

Corruption in Icelands Parliement ?

Members of all parties in the Iceland parliement,have taken some part in the Banking crisis.
Tryggvi THor Herbertsson,former CEO of Askar Capital ,and economic advisor to the Prime minister in 2008, gave himself a loan from his company of 25 million kronas.
That is illeagal in Iceland.
Tryggvi is in the Independent party .
He says that he will pay up the loan this summer.

Icelands Foreign minister, Össur Skarpheðinsson,sold Stocks just before the crash for 70 million kronas.
That was stock in finance company SPRON,just before it whent public on the market.
There is talk about , that the stock where over valued,and after it whent public,the stocks fell dramatically.

top. Mr. Tryggvi Þór Herbertsson
below . Mr. Össur Skarphéðinsson

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Protest in Iceland february 6. 2010 - video

Today there was the weekly protest meeting in front of the ICelandic Parliement building.
Same demands as ever, that the Goverment keeps it promise.
And that promise ,is to help the public, who had bad debts after the banking crash.
Now there are many properties being auctioned , and people are moving in numbers to foreign countries.
Now there are 17.000 thousand people unemployed, out of a total population of 300.000 thousand.
Still nobody is being held responsable for the Banking Crisis.
The investigation into the Banking crisis, has been postponed two times.
They where to bring a report about the crisis , late last year, but postponed it to february 1st, 2010.
Then they postponed it again ,to later in february.
Here you can see my video i took today at the protest .

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Icelands President on AlJazeera - video

Mr. Olafur Ragnar Grimsson,Icelands president ,on Aljazeera Tv station, discussing about Iceland with mr. Riz Khan

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Strange news about parliement members in Iceland.

DV, newspaper has a story today ,that a group of people, moved 45 billions kronas ( 1 usdollar= 126 kronas )out of Iceland ,just before the Banking crash .
This group owned Milestone and N1 ,formerly known as ESSO .
According to secret documents,that the DV claims to have, one of the leaders of this group ,was mr. Bjarni Benediktsson, chairman of the Independence party ,and a member of Parliement.
Three members of the board , signed a permission,to move money to foreing accounts.
And one of the board member is the father of , mr. Sigmundur David Gunnlaugsson,chairman of the Progressive party ,and a member of parliement.
Mr. Bjarni ,says that he made no decision about this company.

Mr.Arnolds Schilder who worked at the Holland Central Bank,said to a special investigative committie in Holland,that his colleges in Iceland lied about the financial state of Landsbank in Iceland.
Mr. Björgvin G. Sigurðsson, member of the Icelandic parliement and former minister of buisness, said today in Parliement ,that the goverment never lied to foreign institutions before the banking crash

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Corruption going well in Iceland

During the good years, members of parliement ,state prosecutors, and more,accepted the use of Glitnis Bank private jet,to travel to foreign countries.
Some of them are now under investigation , because of their part in the banking crisis.
Top men at the biggest worker union in Iceland , VR,( commercial folk union ) have Credit Cards that the union pays.
And they should only use it for the union, but it looks like they also use it personally.

But yesterday ,there was great view in Reykjavik,and i took a few photos of the northern lights in Reykjavik.