Friday, March 12, 2010

Party loyalty is strong in Iceland.

Looks like that the Icelandic parliement is working on a strange rules and system
Evrey four years , members of parliement go out an talk to people,promises them good things,and try to get the peoples vote, so they can get voted into parliement ,and do what the promised to the people .
And use the the famous promise, that " we members of parliement are voted by the people ,and we work for the people "
Then they go into parliement, and work for the Financial system, banks,big companys,and if the fail , and need money to help their friends in the banks,big companys,and in the financial system ,the make the people pay.

The people that did nothing, the people that made no mistakes, the people that did not fail .
And how do they make them pay ?
They raise income tax, gas tax, and every other tax that they can think of.
People are not to bright, because they come in four years, to talk to people and try to get their vote, and people belive them ,and vote for them again.

Party and leaders loyalty is very strong in Iceland.
Does not matter how the party and their leaders fail in controlling the country, or how corrupt they are, people still forget very fast ,and vote for the same members of parliement again.
You deserve what you vote for .

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