Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Iceland under the power of women ---- men cant do their job

The banking crisis and its aftermath,was the responsability of men in Iceland .
No woman took part in the banking game , that made the people of Iceland suffer ,and many are still suffering.
But now, we have a woman Prime minister ,a woman president of the Icelandic Parliament, a woman CEO of Glitnir bank,and today a woman was elected as the Bishop of the state chirch in Iceland.
And next june, the will be a presidential election , and there will probably be a woman elected next President of Icelnad .
So you see, if men make big mistakes, like a little banking crisis here in Iceland in 2008 --- then we let the women fix it .
And here is a bonus - here is a video i took in 2010 - when the little volcano , before the big one - i flew over the volcano .

Monday, April 23, 2012

Icelands former PM : guilty verdict by the National court

Mr Geir H. Haarde,the former Prime minister of Iceland ,was found guilty of one charge of four of negligence and mismanagement during his time in office,before and during the banking crash in 2008.
He will receive no punishment, and the Icelandic state has been ordered by the court to cover his legal expenses, amounting to 24 million ISK.

Mr. Haarde was not pleased witht the verdict ,and said that he was convicted on a minor matter  .

He said that the court proceidings where politically motivated,and he is thinking about appealing the European Court of Human Rights.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

China Prime minister in Iceland - and people protest

Mr. Wen Jiabao,Prime minister of China is on a official visit to Iceland .
He came today,and had a meeting with the Icelands Prime Ministe , Johanna Sigurdardottir.
People came to protest China´s reputation in human rights matters.
A member of the Icelandic parliament , ms. Birgitta Jonsdottir,attended , and protested China´s occupation on Tibet.
You can see here on video number 2. she is holding the Tibetian flag and shouting at the Harp,where Ielands prime minister having dinner with her Chinese counterpart.
When the came to the Harp,icelands concert hall,for the dinner, they went into the building through a back door . They did not enter like the Icelandic Prime min ister, through the front door.


Thursday, April 19, 2012

First day of summer in Iceland - a national holiday --

Today there is a national holiday in Iceland ----
Now Iceland celebrates the first day of summer .
Festivals all over the country ,and people enjoying the weather .
And the weather is great here in Reykjavik,sun and getting warmer .
Here are a few photos from last year --- and if you click on them - they will get bigger

Lst night it was below zero on the temperature scale - and when summer and winter freeze together - that means that the summer will be excellent - according to old folk tales .

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Women about to controll Iceland ---- women in all powerful posts

There will be a election in june - for the president of iceland .
and now there is a election for a new Bishop in Iceland
And it will probably be a woman Bishop and a woman President -
So --- now in Iceland :

Prime minister ---- A woman
President of the parliament --- A woman
Glitnir Bank CEO ---- A woman
Next Bishop ----- A woman ?
Next president ----- A woman ?

So you see - the Men made the Banking crash - internationally - and how do we fix it ?

Get women to control and fix the problems - that the men made