Saturday, October 29, 2011

Thor - new coast guard ship in Iceland --- guests welcomed aboard

Last thursday ( october 27th ) the new Coast Guard Ship,Thor arrived in Iceland after a long sailing from Chile.
Thor was built in Chile .
This is a big ship and with every high tech,that is a available today.
And the Icelandic Coast Guard invited the owners ( the Icelandic public ) to visit and see the ship up close , on friday ,saturday and sunday .
Then it will sail around Iceland , to visit and let everybody else in Iceland see this beutiful ship.
It is very important for sailors who sail around Iceland to have a excellent coast guard ship,and also for the people of Iceland.
That is to help ships that are having trouble ,and also people ,transporting rescue services,and so on.

All the vessels in the Coast guard are named after the Nordic Gods, -Odinn ,Tyr ,Aegir and so on.
And this one is named Thor , the third Coast Guard ship in history ,having that name.
Thor,the God of thunder,son of Odinn.

So this is a very proud day for Icelanders .
Click on the photos and they will enlarge

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Financial conference in Iceland next thursday ---- IMF --- video

Next thursday ( october 27 ) there will be a convention in Reykjavik,at the concert and conference hall,Harpa.
At that conference there will be International Economists,experts in Inernational finance and  the International Moneytary Fund ( IMF )and the Icelandic Goverment .
In front of Harpa at the same time,there will be people objecting ( protesting ) to the conference ,and with signs telling the international experts , what is really happening here in Iceland,regarding the public and their financial status.
The conference goes under the name - Iceland´s Recovery—Lessons and Challenges -

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Occupy Iceland - October 15th protest in Reykjavik,- video and photos

Two protests meetings where today in Reykjavik.
One was in front of the parliement building ,and the other in front of the Reykjavik county courthouse.
Then the meetings at the courthouse joined the meeting at the parliement building.
The protest was very peaceful ,and you can not see a police officer anywhere.
And the protests where peaceful,and many made speaches about what is happening and what should be done.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

15. october protest in Reykjavik,Iceland today .video

Today on the 15th of october at 15:00 hours , there will be a protest in downtown Reykjavik.
This will happening many countries today.
In Asia,Europe and the United States and asking for a Global Change.
They are protesting mostly for economic issues worldwide,
Here below you can see some of my videos from the protests here in Iceland since the banking crash in 2008.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Imagine peace light turned on by Yoko Ono in Iceland tonight - photos

The Imagine Peace Light was turned on this evening by Yoko Ono in Reykjavik.And the weather was calm and clear skies.
The aurora Borealis ( the norhtern lights ) made an appearance and made the sky look better .
It was beautiful to se the Imagien light and the northern lights together in the sky.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Protest in Iceland october 3 2011 - lots of noise , video and photos

Yesterday ( monday oct.3) members of the goverment and parliement held their first speaches in Parliement.
The Goverment about how things are and how they are going to be.
And the oposition telling their side on how things are and how things are going to be.
But outside, people gathered with empty oil barrels and made a lot of noise.
With this ,they are telling parliemtn and the goverment ,both sides, that the public is not happy.
According to an opinion poll, the goverment has just about 10% support,and the oposition in parliemtn has only 7% support.
So members of parliement and the goverment are not respected much by the people in Iceland .
Here you can see my video from the protest .

Saturday, October 1, 2011

President´s wife joins protesters in Iceland,- with no sequrity video and photos

On october the 1st. the Icelandic parliement came to its winter season.
As ususal , first they walk over to the church and then back to the parliement  building.
Now there where a few thousand protesters ,protesting the goverment , and the lack of what they should be doing for the public in Iceland .
Eggs where thrown at them ,and one member of parliement got an egg in his head.
Then the First lady ,wife of the President,mr. Olafur Ragnar grimsson, Dorrit Moussaieff,whent over the sequrity fence and joined the protesters and showed her support.