Saturday, July 28, 2012

Xenia Kriisin Swedish musician with concert in Iceland in august 2012 - video

Xenia Kriisin is a Swedish musician i about to go on a nordic tour with her beautiful music .She will be in Iceland in august and play four concerts.
Her wish with this tour is a collabortation between the nordic countries, to spread and connect us through our similarities and differences with all forms of art.
She will play at the Green Hat at Akureyri on the 22. in august .
And her below you can see the dates for the concerts .
Also you can enjoy the video of her music .

Here you can see her facebook page
And her webpage is here

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Iceland banks write off debts at ceo´s --- looks like 2007 has arrived in Iceland

Looks like that the good old days have arrived in Iceland.
Members of parliament making laws ,that give them free things,like eyeglasses ( not cheap in Iceland ) hearing aids ( quite expensive in Iceland ) and more.

And banks are now starting to write off big debts,at big companys.
Þorgeir Baldursson ,who was in the board of Landsbanki before the banking crash in 2008, got 5 billion kronas debt written off at Landsbanki and Arion Bank.

And one of the big newspapers in Iceland , ,got written off 944 million kronas,at Islandsbank.
The one of two editors at , is former Prime minister and CEO of the CEntral Bank before and during the banking crisis, is mr. David Oddson.

In the board at Islandsbank,is mr. Friðrik Sophusson, and he was a minister in the goverment when mr. David Oddson was prime minister.
So everything is doing well in Iceland , and the public is still paying.

And according to Transparancy International ---- there is not much corruption in Iceland , Interesting

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Is corruption going public in Iceland --- Strange things in the Icelandic parliament

The Icelandic parliament is an interesting place .
There members of parliament argue about everything, the fishing quota system,joining the EU and so on .
But when it comes to getting more in your pockets ,then they are all good friends .
Just before parliament took its summer vacation , on bill was passed,silently and everybody who was in parliament - agreed on it .

And in this bill , they agreed on letting the tax payers pay for their , eyeglasses,hearing aids,cancer search,physical excersise , and more .

What more means - nobody knows - it could be a dentist, it could be a free car and so on .

Eyeglasses and hearing aids in Iceland are not cheap - they are quite expensive.

So you can see , that the members of the Icelandic parliament know how to get more - and how to pay for it .
Of course you let the tax payer pay for it .
There is no respect for members of the Icelandic parliament

A few years ago ,the public in Iceland protested the corruption in the banking and political system.
And as you can see on my videos ,people where angry.
But now - looks like people have forgotten what happened in 2008 .