Thursday, September 30, 2010

Protests planned in Reykjavik , Tonight and tomorrow at the parliement

Tomorrow ,Parliement opens for this years season.
And tonight many are going to sleep in front of the parliement building.
That is to show the Goverment ,what happens when people loose their house , due to bad and illeagal loans.
And tomorrow, people will gather ,and protest when Parliement starts , at 13:30 hours ,local time.
Protesters have been trying to tell people to come with Dairy products (jhogurt,skyr and such ) and throw at Parliement members as they walk from the Church and into the Parliement building.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Icelands parliement brings former PM to court

Icelands Parliement agreed on indicting former Icelands PM,mr Geir H.Haarde,for the Banking crisis in Iceland 2008.
He will be charged at the National court, a special court just for cases that are about Goverment officials.
This court has never before been used .
Four former ministers where voted on , if the should be brought before the national court.

That was the former PM, and former secretary of foreing affairs, Ingibjorg Solrun Gisladottir, Former secretary of Finance, mr Arni Mattiesen ,and former minister buisness , mr. Bjorgvin G . Sigurdsson.

Parliement only agreed on the Former PM to be brought for the National Court.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Iceland respect for parliement is not much these days - video

The respect for the Icelands Parliement is at an all time low these days.
While people are loosing there houses and around 1200 have to get food through Family Help, the Parliement is at the same time arguing if they should indict four former Goverment Ministers about their part in the Banking Crisis in 2008.
And the banks they help those that where part of the banks and had big loans.
They just write those loans off, but they auction off houses of the public ,that did not do anything wrong during the banking crisis.
Parliement members ,having promised to help the public,have off course forgotten those promises.
One and half year ago , during the protests ,a 8 year old girl made a speach at one of the protest meetings.
You can see it here below on the video i took,and it has English subtitles.
Not much has changes since then.
People wanted change in the Icelandic goverment system.
But that is one thing that the goverment does not want.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Iceland goverment helping some in the banking crisis ?

The Icelandic goverment is helping people a lot these days.
That is ,some people,like bankers that had big loans,CEO´s and so on.
And how do they pay for it all ?
They let those that had illeagal foreing currency loans , pay for it all.
Now Banks and money institutions are auctioning houses and automobiles of the people that cant pay anymore.
The number is that about 40.000 individuals in Iceland are in big money trouble.
That is a lot , since the  population in  iceland is about 300.000 .
Many have left the country,and many others have just given up.
You cant trust politicains,and nobody else in high office here in Iceland.
Many are going bankrupt these days.
About 1200 had to get free food yesterday,becuase they dont have money to buy food.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Strange justice in Iceland -

Parliement will probably not indict the four Ministers that where in office when the banking crash happened,and are responsable for it.
Of course party memebrs will not accuse their friends and colleges for anything.
At the same time,9 protesters have been accused for protesting at the parliement building,and could be facing up to 16 years in jail.
Strange justice system in Iceland.

Politicians stand by their colleges and will help them in any way possible.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

March against racism in Reykjavik today -

Last week two Icelanders fled Iceland and went to Norway ,for security reasons.
It was a father and his son, who is 17 years old.
The son had gotten threats and their house had been attacked.
The son is dating a girl ,and the attackers dont like that , because the son is not of the right skin color.

The father and son are originally from Cuba ,and have lived in Iceland for more the 11 years,and are Iceland citizens.

But the mayor of Reykjavik does not like racism in any form,and called for a march today ,against racism.

Many came and marched to the center of Reykjavik,and there was music played,and many held speaches,.
Racism should not be tolerated in any form.
Here is a video i took today of the march in Reykjavik.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Iceland Supreme court rules on illeagal loans .

Icelands Supreme court made a ruling today,that all the illeagal foreign curency linked loans, should bear Icelands Central Banks interests.
That would mean ,that the interests rates on most of the loans will be in the order of , 15 to 20 %.
Many think that the Supreme Court is following the Goverment orders by this ruling.
The interests rate on the original foreign currency loan was around 3,5 %.

All Supreme judges in Iceland are hired by one man, and that is the Justice minister.
Not the Goverment or the Parliement take part in hiring Supreme judges,just the Justice Minister.

And all the Press in Iceland are political,and only write about and talk,what their Political views are.
There is no neutral Press in Iceland.

Some are for joining the Europian Union ,and others are against joining.
On the video i took last year, you can see how many think of the IMF.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Former PM and other ministers might be indicted in Iceland

A parliement comittee has recommended that the former Ministers in the goverment when the banking crash happend,in 2008 ,should be indicted for their part in the banking crash.
The comittie names 4 minister , and they are ,PM Geir H. Haarde , Ingibjörg Sólrún Gísladóttir ,Foreign minister , Árni M. Mathiesen Finance minister  and Björgvin Sigurðsson ,buisness minister.
Now parliement has to decide ,if they should be indicted.

Things in Iceland are strange these days.
Politicians arguing in Parliement, bankers having a great time, and the public going broke.
Nothing is being done to help the public ,with their illeagal debts,and many are now loosing theire proterties,houses and cars.

Parliement members have of course all, forgotten their campaign promises, Help the Public and Punish the bad guys.
Expecially when the bad guys are the fellow members in the party or their friends.

But 9 protesters are still in court, and could get jailtime,for protesting last year.
In this  is a message to the public in Iceland ,and i hope you see the message.

Here below you can see two of my videos i took at the protests .
and here is a link to all my videos on Youtube

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Finally , a new US Ambassador to Iceland . Has the Us Goverment forgiven Icelands president ?

Barack Obama, the President of the USA, has appointed Luis E. Arreaga as the country’s new ambassador to Iceland.
The United States of America has been without an ambassador at its Reykjavik embassy for around a year,Carol Van Voorst left her post as ambassador last year.
When Carol Von Voorst left last year, Icelands president made a bad mistake,that probably offended the US Goverment.

You can read what happened here on my blog from last year.

Yoko Ono in Iceland in october 2010 . concert and peace light-photo

Next October,Yoko Ono will come to Iceland and light the Imagine Pece Light in Reykjavik.
The PEace light is lighted on the birthday of John Lennon, and it will be on,until the date of his death,in december.
Now there will be a celebration,because ,this year,John Lennon would have reached the age of 70.
Yoko Ono will hold a concert with her band,the Plastic Ono Band.

Dori"iceland" Sig

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Fareo parliement member refuses to dine with Icelands gay Prime Minister

Icelands Prime minister ,Johanna Sigurdardottir is now in a official visit to the Fairoe Islands.

She is with her wife ,Jónínu Leósdóttur
Tonight the is a dinner in her honor by the Fareoen goverment.
But one member of the Fareoen parliement ,mr.Jenis av Rana,is not going to attend,because the Iceland prime minister is gay.
He is the leader of the Fareoen middle party.
He says the being gay,is against the Bible.
Now the news have hit Denmark,and many Fareoen politicians are angry at mr.Jenis av Rana, and say that he is putting shame on the Fareoen Island.

Fareo Islands are very conservative,and gays have no rights ther.
But here in Iceland ,gays have the same rights as everybody else.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Iceland goverment helps bankers ,but not the public.

According to local new in Iceland, the owners of big investing companys get a so called " stand - still agreement "
Wich means that they will not be taken to court,and his sequrities will not be taken.
But the public will of course pay,seuqurities taken ,and if the public cant pay, they will be made bankrupt.
The promise by the goverment to help the public,and those that took no part in the banking crisis,is no longer the promice that the Goverment will keep.
Dont know how it is in other countries,but here in Iceland ,the Goverment and FInacial institutions,are doing everything they can to help ,the Bankers and investors that are responsable for the Banking Crash in ICeland in 2008.
When next Parliement election will be, thare will be a problem for the public,who to vote for.
Corruption is now in every political party in Iceland.
All voting promices broken , and everything done to help themselves and friends.
photo- Iceland Goverment 1 october 2009

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Corruption in Iceland - and the system

Strange system in Iceland .
If you would like to be a success in Iceland, then you have to be politically ,or busienss connected.
The corruption here is still doing well.
Every goverment job , that pays well is politically appointed.
Does not matter if the ask for people to apply for the job,that is just a joke.
They do that so people think that people are hired honestly.
It does not matter what party is in control.
The corruption is in every Politicaal party in Iceland.
Most of the bankers that where in the banks during the banking crisis in 2008,are still there.
Only the CEO´s of the banks are out.
And they left with lots of money in their checkbook.

Like i heard this morning, The Iceland system is like the African tribe system.
One leader and everybody follows,whatever the tribal leader does.
If you follow the leader,and always agree to what he says, you can get up in the power ladder.

Here in Iceland ,they think only about their people.
Party members and/or friends.
Judges get their job from one man in Iceland.
That is the Minister of Justice.
And for the last 18 years ,before the banking crisis ,every judge in Iceland ,including the Supreme court,where appointed by then Justice minister.
From 1991 to 2009 , the same party controlled the Minestry of Justice.
Wich means that every judge in Iceland was appointed by that party.
That includes the Supreme court.