Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Constitutional parliement not valid - by the Icelandic supreme court.

The constitutional election in Iceland has been made invalid by the Icelandic Supremen court.
Three men protested the election to the supreme court, due to technical reasons.
That the election was not secret, and some other things.
The election was held , and the those that elected where not in a closed booth.
But on tables, and a few feet high walls, like you often see in offices.
But that did not affect the election , but the supreme court made the electon invalid anyway.
Many think that the Supreme court ruling was political.
All the Supreme cout judges where appointed by one man , the Justice Minister.
And when the where appointed , the Independence party was in charge, fo nearly twenty years.
Many of the supreme court judges are connected to the independence party,and/ or members of the Independence party.
Now in Parliement , right wing parties , want to call off the Constitutionla assembly , but the left want to keep it in place,and settle the matter, new election or something else.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Iceland v Spain,and a cow in Iceland makes a prediction on the results of that game

Iceland lost yesterday to Germany at the World Cup in Handball in Sweden.
The seal - at the Westmann islands aquarium predicted correctly about the results.
Tomorrow ,Iceland will be against ,Spain.
And the Clairvoyant Cow ( named - Glætan )  has made its prediction , but the cow has not made perfect prediction so far.
You can see on the video how the cow predicts the results in the Iceland v Spain game tomorrow.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Iceland v Germany at the world cup in sweden - seal makes a prediction - video

Iceland will compete against Germany tomorrow at the Handball World Cup in Sweden.
In the Wstmann Islands Aquarium , there is a Seal,named, Golli, that has predicted correctly about the results in the games Iceland is playing.
And today Golli has made his prediction on the Iceland v Germany game.
You can see on the video below Gollis prediction.

World cup handball in sweden - and a seal makes correct predictions ,video

Iceland beat Norway yesterday,wich means that the Cow,made a bad prediction.
But in the Seal at teh Vestmann Islands Aquarium ,made a correct prediction.
And they got it on video when he did the prediction.
The Seals name is - Golli- and he tooks his time in making the prediction.
Golli made the prediction that Iceland would win,and Iceland did win Norway.
Tomorrow ,Iceland will compete against Germany.
Now we are all waiting on Golli,and what predictions he will make.
You can see Golli making his prediction here on video 

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Cow in Iceland predicts results in World Cup in Handball in Sweden - videos

Now the World cup in Handball is being held in Sweden.
Iceland is there competing,and is doing very well,has won all their games so far.
In the last Olympics in Bejing,Iceland got the silver medal.
And here in Iceland , at a Cow farm,there is a Cow there that hs predicted the results,succesfully .
The Cow does the similar thing as the Octupus did last Soccer World Cup in Germany.
She is given a choice where to eat ,and one is marked with Icelands flag and the other with the flag of the nation ICeland is competing .
And tomorrow Iceland is going to compete with Norway,and today the cow , selected Norway to win.
You can see on the videos how the Cow has chosen so far.
Will the cow be correct in its predictions tomorrow ?
Do Animals know more than humans ?
The Cows name is -- Glæta -

Iceland vs Brazil 15.jan 2011

Iceland vs Hungary 14.jan 2011

Iceland vs Norway 20.jan 2011

Reykjavík 9 on trial in Iceland ---

Today is the second day of the court proceedings against the nine protesters that protested in the parliement building in december 2008.
Part of the evidence , a security video ,has  been erased by the head of security in the Parliement.
If all the security video had been available,it would have shown everything that happened .
Protesters have accused the police of brutality, but since the security video is only short and only about the protest itself, they can not use it as evidence.
The trial has been getting internationa attention.
Foreign press have been reporting about it ,and protest have been at Icelandic embassies in Europe and USA.

Here is a video by the .

Guerilla Projection on Icelandic Embassy in Solidarity with RVK9 01-15-11

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Protest in Iceland ,and nine protesters in court - video

Yesterday,when Iceland parliement came to work after christmas vacation,many came and protested in front of the Parliement building.
People are protesting the lack of help by the goverment to the people that are having a hard time with the Banks illeagal loans and more.
People made noise ,and used oil drums to do so.

And today , nine individuals where taken to court,and accused of attacking the Goverment .
They where protesting in 2008,and made noise in the parliement building, and if convicted,they could get up to life in prison. ( 16 years )  here is link to the web page in support of the Nine Protesters
People are angry at eh parliement for charging them, because in a sense they did nothing illeagal.
and after the banking crash, and the opening of all the boxes,with the corruption and illealgal dealings in the banking system, the only people that might go to jail,are nine protesters ,that did nothing wrong.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Bankers in jail,and protest planned on january 17,photo and video

Mr. Sigurjón Þ. Árnarson ,former CEO of the Landsbankinn, was arrested and put in  prison until the 25h of january , due to the investigation of the banking crash.
Also mr. Ívar Guðjónsson ,is put in prison for 7 days.
Big part of the Special Prosecutors investigation ,regards market manipulation before he banking crash in 2008.

Next monday ,january 17. ,parliement will come back to work after christmas vacation.
On that day,protest is planned in front of the parliement building.
Last protest was on october the 4th 2010.
You can see that protest on the video below.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Bjork sings at a protest marathon in Reykjavik today - video »

Kareoki marathon has been held for the last three days in Iceland.
It is a marathon,and asking people to sign a petition to the goverment , to put to a referandum, if the Goverment should privatize the power,electricity and hot water.
Bjork ,the singer,is leading this,and has taken part in the kareoki,as you can see on the video.
She is there singing with others an Icelandic Pop song,and in the end she shouts - " 36 thousand "
The prime minister had said a while back,that if 10 to 15 % percent of the voting population would sign some sort of petition, then the goverment could not ignore it.
The Kareoki marathon signing protest, wants the goverment to put to a national vote,about the power grid in ICeland.
One town ,Keflavik,sold its power grid,to Magma Energy , a Canadian company.
And Bjork and others have protested that deal.

US goverment demands info on Icelands parliement member

United States department of Justice ,has ordered to hand over all of the data it has on Birgitta Jonsdottir, Member of parliement in Iceland.
Birgitta got a letter few hours ago,saying that she has ten days to stop the subpoena from the US Department of Justice .
The DoJ wants all her tweets and also her personal information.
Birgitta has worked with Wikileaks and Julian Assange.
Birgitta has demanded to meet with the US Ambassador in ICeland ,and says also that now the US Goverment has gone to far.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

New year in Iceland 2011 --- fireworks - photos and video

Happy new year 2011.
Here is a vide i took last night at midnight.
You can people from England who where visiting to see the fireworks,and they are in shock of it all.
Great weather for it ,and everybody in Iceland can buy fireworks and the voluntary resque , sell fireworks,and use the profit to get better gear for the voluntary work.

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