Thursday, May 26, 2011

Volcano in Iceland has stopped erupting ---- now it is good to travel to Iceland

Grimsvötn volcano at Vatnajökull in Iceland,has stopped .
Skies have cleared up and they are now cleaning the area where the ash fell on houses.
People are now travelling to Iceland to see the beutiful scenery all around Iceland.
Also to enjoy the sun during day time and nightime.
The sun nearly never sets in Iceland during summer.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Volcano in Iceland slowing down fast - but flights could still be interupted.

The volcano in Iceland - Grímsvötn in Vatnajokull , has slowed down and looks like it is much less now.
It could flare up again , but it is now slowing down fast.
The national highway has been opened.
International flights still can have some problems,due to the ash cloud that is moving from Iceland .
The height of the ash cloud has reduced a lot.
Air quality is now normal in most parts of Iceland.
Here is a photo i took last sunday in Reykjavik

Monday, May 23, 2011

Volcano in Iceland still on - flights about to start again from Iceland - video

The volcano at Grimsvotn in Iceland is still going strong.
International flights to and from Iceland will open at 18:00 hours today.
The ash cloud will reach Scotland late this evening or night.
National highway is still closed between Vik And Freysnes.
People there can hardly go from one house to another house, due to ash.
Visibility there is very poor,and the only people they can talk to are members of the press.
Here is a video taken by Jon Gustafsson

Volcano ash cloud reaching Reykjavik in Iceland - video and photos

Took this video at 21:00 hours in Reykjavik Iceland.
Reykjavik is the capital of Iceland,and as you can see the ash cloud is coming over the city.
All flights in Iceland ,domestic and international have been cancelled.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Grimsvötn volcano in Iceland ,and ash cloud animation

The volcano is still going strong.
About 1000 people are in the danger area around the volcano.
Two rescue centers have been opened at Kirkjubæjarklaustur and at Hofgardi í Öræfum.
If the volcano keep on as it has done, then ash cloud could reach Europe in the beginning of the week.
But it would probably not make as much trouble as it did last year, when Eyjafjallajökul eruðted.
Here below you can see how it all started.

Visibility not good in ash cloud in Iceland - photos.

Ash is falling down around the volcano.
Bad visibility on the national highway just south west of the volcano.
This photo is from a road web camera at Eldhraun in Iceland.
Here is a link to webcameras in the south part of Iceland,and you can see how the ash is making problems in Iceland.

Iceland volcano still going strong, and all flights cancelled - videos

The volcano at Grimssvotn in Vatnajokull glacier ,is still going strong.
Domestic and international flights have been cancelled .
People living near the volcano,can harldy see anything,because of the volcano ash that is falling down.
The volcano is about 210 kilometers from Reykjavik,the capital of Iceland
Here are two videos of the volcano

Volcano closing airports in Iceland and could be seen from Reykjavik - video and photos

The ash cloud from the Grimsvotn volcano could be seen from Reykjavik.
Keflavik,international airport in Iceland will be closed as of 8:30 this morning.
This is based on British meteorlogical office forecast.
National highway number one, is also closed south of the volcano.
Here are a few photos i took yesterday evening and also a video clip i took at the same time .

Volcano erupted in Iceland today - big ash cloud over it - photos

This evening a voclcano erupted at Grimsvotn, on Vatnajokull.
Vatnajokull,is a biggest glacier in Iceland.
It is not as big as the Volcano last year at Eyjafjallajokull.

But it has produced a big ash cloud .
I was east of Reykjavik,and saw the ash cloud from a few hundred kilometers away,and took some photos of it .
Click on the photos and they will be bigger .

Friday, May 20, 2011

Protests in Spain,protesters shouting " We want to be Icelanders " photos and videos

Now there is protest in Spain.
The protests in Spain are inspired by the protests in Iceland in 2008 that led to the fall of the Icelandic goverment.
Icelands protests where held on saturdays and took a long time until the goverment resigned.
The spanish goverment has banned protests in Spain,but it looks like it only encourages more protests.
Can the same thing happen in Spain that happened in Iceland ?
One of the leader of the organisation in Spain, shouted during the march on sunday may 15th ,to protesters in Spain" When we grow up ,we want to be Icelanders "
Hopefully these will be peaceful protests,like they where mostly in Iceland .

Here below are some photos and videos from the protests in Iceland.

Image Hosted by

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Saturday, May 14, 2011

No respect to members of Iceland Parliement ,and eurovision . video and photo

New Concert building

Yesterday ( friday the 13th ) wa the official opening of the new Concert and conference hall in Reykjavik.
Its name is Harpa.
It was a invitation only opening.
Politicians and Bankers and other officials where invited.
Small group of protesters where at the entrance,and when the President of Iceland came ,he talked to them .
This weekend the Concert hall will be open to the public.

Icelands Parliement

The discussion now is that the respect for parliement is at a low point these days.
Members of parliement are using words ,that they should not use in public.
So the trust and respect for parliement is not high.


Tonight is the Eurovison song contest finals in Dusseldorf.
Iceland got in , in the semifinals on last tuesday.
This song contest has been around for over 50 years.
It is held by state televisions around Europe.
And the prize is that the winner gets to hold the contest next year.
If Iceland should win , it would be and expensive contest to hold next year.
Here is a video of the Icelands song in the Eurovision this year.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

One member of parliement sueing another member of parliement and more in Iceland

Things are good now in Iceland , that is , the weather.
Calm winds a clear skies and getting warmer.
But in parliement ,they still argue.
One member of Parliement ,mr. Gudlaugur Þór Þórðarsson ( Independence party ) might be taking to court, another member of parliement, mr.Björn Valur Gíslasson( Left Green Movement ).
All because mr. Björn ,blogged that the money in mr. Guðlaugur accepted for support when he was running for parliement, mr.Björn blogged that that money was nothing else but Bribes.
Mr. Guðlaugur did not like that comment , and has decided to take mr. Björn to an Icelandic Judge .

In Reykjavik county court, one of the CEO´s in the old banks that crashed in 2008, told that he would have to pay up his loans .
In the old days ( before the banking crash ) many bank employees got loans to buy Bank stock .
And after the crash, the Banks told them that they would not have to pay those loans.
Those loans where high.
But recently, a County court came to the concluison,that they have to pay up those loans, just as anybody else.
This will probably go to the supreme court.

Photos: top.Mr Björn Valur Gíslasson
            below: mr Guðlaugur Þór Þórðarsson

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Big Concert Hall,the Harp - opened in Reykjavik - photos and video

The Concert and Conference centre,the Harp,was opened in the middle of last week.
It is a big building ,and it can take 1800 guests in the main hall.
On the video ,you an see the building,in the latter part of the video.

It is located at Reykjavik harbour.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Has summer arrived in Iceland - ? Photos

Last weekend there was snow in Reykjavik.
And on monday it was warm and sunny.
I took these photos at sunset at around 21:00 hours in Reykjavik.
Looks like summser has arrived in Iceland.
Click on the photos to see them begger.