Saturday, May 18, 2013

Art festival in Reykjavik,Iceland - Ship Horns concert

Today started the art festival in Reykjavik,Iceland . And the first thing that was done , was a concert in Reykjavik harbour . 15 boats ( ships ) in Reykjavik harbor played a concert on their horns , for ten minutes -
 It was controlled by the author , with a radio to the ships. And in the end , all the ships signed off - as you can hear on the loudspeaker in the end -
 Probably the biggest concert ever - regarding - Size- weight and volume - Lot of people attended the concert - Dont know if they will play again - and if so - where .


Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Northern lights over Reykjavik,Iceland - photos

Nothern Lights are common in winter time over Iceland.
Also know as ,Aurora Borealis.
It is a spectacular scene to see the lights in the sky,and move along the heavens.
Here are a few photos i took a few years ago
If you click on the photos,they will get bigger.
The blue light in the center,is the Yoko Onos Imagine Peace Light in Reykjavik.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Great landscape photos from Iceland - waterfalls and lunar landscape

Here are a few photos i took last summer in the south part of Iceland.
Here you can see black sands,waterfalls ,geysers and more .
All in relative short distance from Reykjavik