Saturday, March 6, 2010

President votes ,and more corruption in Iceland

Referendum in Iceland

Olafur Ragnar Grimsson ,President of Iceland,has voted in the national referendum in Iceland today.
Prime minister ,Johanna, and the finance Minister,Steingrimur,are not going to vote.
The dont see the point in voting.
When the voting is over, the negotiation with Holland and Britain,will continue.
It does not matter how the voting will go.
Steingrimur has comfirmed that the Dutch and British have agreed to keep on negotiating with Iceland.

Johanna,Icelands Prime Minister, will not resign,even though the Icelandic voter will say no to the Icesave law today in the national referendum.

Big Loans

Big stock owners in the Finance bank BYR, took big loans without sequrities.
Þorsteinn M. Jónsson,chairman of the board at Coke Cola in Iceland, Hannes Smárason og Jón Þorsteinn Jónsson,are part of the men that took over 16 billion kroans from the BYR finance and savings bank.
Now BYR has to write those debts off, and get nothing back.

Photo: Top -Þorsteinn M. Jónsson
below - Hannes Smárason

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