Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Do Banks in Iceland have supreme power ? video

There was a Icelandic Supreme Court ruling ,that said that the foreing currency loans where illeagal.
But the Bank´s don´t listen ,and still send out bills based on the illeagal loans.
Houses are auctioned ,with the assistance of the local county sherrif.
The Home Defence league, come to those auctione,and tries to stop them .
People thought that everybody should follow the Supreme court,but it looks like that the Icelandic Bank´s do not have to follow the Supreme court rulings.

You can see on the video below , when one woman was thrown out of her house in Iceland .
And the other video shows you what is happening in Greece .

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Did members of Iceland parliament controll the protests in Iceland - video

Mr Geir Jón Þórisson,chief of Police in Reykjavik,says that members of parliament controlled the pots and pan revolution in Iceland in 2008.
Mr. Geir is now running for second chairman of the Independence party.
He said in a radio intereview that on january 20th and 21st in 2009, that police officers thought that members of parliament where controlling the protest and riots.
Mr. Geir would not name the members of parliament ,but they had stopped after the police officers talked to them.
It looks like he is talking about members of the Left Green movement.
Now those that took part in the protests are going nuts on Facebook,and calling Mr. Geir a liar.
Here below you can see my videos from the protests in january 20. and 21. 2009.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Four forner CEO´s of Kaupthing ,indicted by Special Prosecutor in Iceland

Hreiðar Már Sigurðsson, former CEO of  Kaupþing, Sigurður Einarsson, former chairman of the board of  Kaupþings and Magnús Guðmundsson, former CEO of  Kaupþings in Luxemborg have been indicted,by the Special prosecutor in Iceland .
Also is indicted mr. Ólafur Ólafsson,CEO of Samskip ,the former  biggest shareholder in Kaupthing.
THe charges are  for market manipulation,money laundering,and cover up.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Iceland Banks CEO.s charged in Iceland ----- videos

The Icelandic Supreme court has ruled that the Foreign currency loans here in Iceland,where illeagal.
Also that the law that the current goverment had put into place about interests rate , where illeagal.
This means that the Banks must now calculate again the loans, and in most cases repay the loantaker.
How this will work on those that have already lost their houses ,is not known at this point.

The Homes interest organizations has charged all the Banks CEO´s who where in charged between 2001 - 2008,to the Economic Offenses Division.
Home Interestst Orginzation ,says ,that it is important to make the Bankers personally responsable .

Here you can see some of my vidoes from the protests here in Iceland in the past .

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

More on pension funds scandel in Iceland --- video

Ceo´s in the Icelandic pension funds,dont see any problems in how they run the funds.
They where invited by companys to trips all around the world.
And then they invested the Pension funds in their companys.
Workers that pay 8 % of the pay every month,dont have any power in who is controlling their pension money.
Some of the loans that the Pension funds gave the companys,had no sequrity at all.

So , if you had a big company and needed a big loan --- to get it ,it looks like you just take the CEO´s ,to some foreign exotic place,and give them Champagne and Caviar - and the money is yours.

Because of the losses by the CEO´s of the pension funds,in the hundred of billion kronas, old people now get less from their pesnison funds.
This is just like the banking crisis, the CEO´s do well,they get big bonuses, - if they make mistakes - the public will pay.
And in the case of the Pension funds, they elderly people ,who are in the autumn of their life, get less money from their Pension fund.
But no CEO is fired or will resign- looks like they are Untouchable.

Here are some of my videos from the protest since 2008 -- 2009.
You can see more at

Monday, February 6, 2012

Pension funds in Iceland lost hundreds of billions in the banking crisis - video

Now the Pension funds have been investigated,and they lost a few hundred Billion kronas during the banking crisis.
That means that people get less pension because of the bad investments by the pension funds.
And of course ,like in the banks and politics,nobody is responsable for this.
The Ceo´s of the pension funds are to connected to the Banks and politics.
The Ceo´s of the pension funds are on big salarys ,but little responsability.
The former leader of the Federation of State and Municipal Employees,the biggest         union of employees in public service in Iceland,and Ceo of their pension fund, Mr. Ögmundur Jónasson , is now minister of the Interiorþ
He is a member of the Left Green Movement .
It does not matter where you are in politics here in Iceland - to the left or to the right - they all have big sceletons in their closets , regarding the Banking crisis , and their part in it.

That is probably why their are trying to stop the National Court,in prosecuting the former Prime Minister ,mr. Geir Haarde.
That should start in the beginning of march 2012.
But now , a few members of parliament is trying to stop that .

Here is a video i took last october ,2011 and also in 2010 ,when parliament was pelted with fruits and other things.
Not much respect for Parliament in Iceland

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Family thrown out of a house in Iceland --- and gas at a all time high - video

Gas price ( petrol ) is at an all time high in Iceland these days.
Now the liter of 95 octane fuel on cars is at 247,90 ICE kronur. That would be 2 US dollars .
The goverment is putting all kinds of taxes on fuel ,and everywhere else .
Gas,alchohol ,tobacco,and so on .
Last january ( 2012) people used there cars 10 percent less , than january 2011.
The gas price could mean that people in Iceland will travel less,and stay more at home.
It does not matter if the Goverment is right wing or left wing.
They both go for the money in the public pockets.
Last january 17th, the police and the local sheriff, threw out a family out of her house,because she could not pay a small loan .
You can see it on the video .
But big CEO´s and people with huge debts,bankers and politicians, they get their debts just written off , and dont have to pay anything.
So the lesson here is  --- If Politicians and/or bankers makes huge financial mistakes, then you let the public pay for it .
But if pokiticians and/or bnakers are doing well, then you pay Them the Big bonuses .

 When the family was trown out of her house - the Home Defence Team came to help her and tried to stop it - but 2 where arrested .