Thursday, April 29, 2010

All politicans accepting bribes in Ieland ? protest video

One generation of Politicians in Iceland have been bribed,in one way or the other,and all political parties are party of thiefs.
This is the opinion of many Icelanders these days.
One proffesional actor , mr. Benedikt Erlingsson says today.
He is one of many hundred that demand that charges against protesters that where arrested last year, be dropped.
BUt the protesters had a constitutional right to go and visit parliement.
They did not use violence, but where ,becuase they where protesting,charged with attacking parliement.
The could face one year to life in prison.
But if ministers ,that could be charged for doing nothing during the crisis, and proven to have done wrong things for ICeland,the maximum prison sentence is 2 years.
Good to be in parliement and make the laws .

Here are a few protest videos i took last year.
More are on my

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Poverty increasing in Iceland - photos

According to news today, the Icelandic church has had 2578 family requests for assistance.
In 2008 , there where 570 requests for assistance from January to march that year.
But this year , the same time, 2578 familys requested assistance from the Church.
Many children are in these familys.
On wednedays,when food is distrubited , about 1000 to 1500 individuals come and ask for food.
And behind every individual ,there is usually a family.
Poverty in ICeland is getting to be a big problem here in Iceland.
The goverment promised to help the public, and no help is being seen yet.
11.000 thousand children have parents that are unemployed .

But to travel to iceland is a good thing.
Everything is cheap,and here is a link to a guesthouse i Iceland , at a good location in the country side - Guesthouse

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Are bribes used in Iceland political parties ? videos

Now the great discussion here in ICeland,is money to party memebrs from big companys.
Before every parliement election,those running for office,get money to support their election.
This money is used to ,advertise,make pamplets and so ,to insure that people will vote for you.
But do the money givers get anything in return ,after you have been elected ?
Can this money be called " bribe " ?
Now lists are going public,about who and how much money the politicans got from big companys.
Former mayor got over 4 million kronas, and member of parliement has 25 million, and so on.
If you give someone money,dont you whant something in return ?
In other countries ,if a politician uses goverment money to pay for a taxi, he will resign.
If a foreing politician ,uses goverment money to buy chocolate, he will resign.
But in Iceland , if a politican makes a major mistake, well , buisness as ususal.
Corruption in Iceland  is in every political party.
More in some Politial parties ,but it is in every Political party.
But they will still be elected, because of how strong the party loyalty is in Iceland.
Does not matter what they do , you still elect them into parliement.

Here is a video of a protest in Iceland last year.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

IMF approves Iceland,video and photos

A Professor at eh Iceland University,Njörður p. Njarðvík,wrote a articel in a local newspaper.
In it , he says, that the black ( truth ) report,comforms how bad the situation in ICeland is .
The corruption so massive ,that the public does not trust the goverment,parliement or any of the goverment institutions.
Iceland must change its system.
New constitution and new rules on how to govern the country.
Yesterday ,there was the weekly protest,and not many attended.
The IMF has approved the economic plan that the goverment has put forward.
Not everybody lieks the IMF , as you can see on the video.
This i took last year,and now the graffity is gone.

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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Volcano making trouble of Icelandic aviation.

Now the wind direction around the Volcano in ICeland,has closed the INternationla Airport in Keflavik,and also the airport in Reykjavik.
All international flights where moved to Akureyri, wich is in the north part of ICeland.
Coast Guard plane and helicotper where also moved to Akureyri.

But the forecast is now , that Akureyri will probably close also,and KEflavik at the same time, wich leaves one INternational airporp,and that would be Egilsstadir ,in the east part of ICeland.
No decisions have been made ,about if all aviation domestic and foreign ,will move to Egilsstadir.

Here is a photo of the volcano this morning, and you can see on a web cam here

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Protests at parliement member private home yesterday - video

Last night , a small group of people protested at the home of former Mayor of Reykjavik,Steinunni Valdísi ,and now member of parliement.
The protesters want her to resign,and claim that she has taken part in corruption,on a political level.
That she got money support for her election for mayor few years ago,and after becoming mayor, made land deals with those same supporters that donated money  to here election.
Last week this same group where protesting at the home of former Minister of Education and vide chairman of the Independence party , becuase of stange loans ,that where not payd.
She resigned last week ,as party vice chairman , and also as member of parliement , for a while.
Children where present at the protest yesterday  ,and it was a peaceful protest .
Police came ,and warned the protesters, and said that this looked like a threat to Steinunn Valdísi .
This was the third evening  that they where protesting at her house.

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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Jon Stewart fixes problem with the Volcano name in Iceland . video

Eyjafjallajökull volcano here in Iceland ,is still on.
But it looks like it is changing modes.
Going from ash volcano , to lava volcano.
That means less ash,more lava.
And foreigners are having problem saying the volcanos name.
Why , i dont know, but here is a clip from the Dayli Show with Jon Stewart, and he , of course fixes the problem with the name.
And Jon Stewart is a genius,and the greatest news reporter on this planet.

The Daily Show With Jon StewartMon - Thurs 11p / 10c
Volcanolypse 2010

Daily Show Full EpisodesPolitical HumorTea Party

And here is a video i took a few weeks ago , before this volcano erupted, but the other one,nearby erupted.
The highest point of the glacier ,is where the volcano now is erupting.
And below , a video i took of the volcano in March .

Volcano still on in Iceland - video

Great spectacle .to witness a volcano close up.
You could call it ,nature at its best.
Here is a video of  the volcano.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Spectacular video of volcano in Iceland - video

Here is a video of the volcnao in ICeland.
It is taken from a helicopter.
And below is a video of the sunset in Reykjavik yesterday.

Eyjafjallajokull volcano in Iceland still doing well .

Eyjafjallajökull volcano ,is now probably changing from a explosive volcano to a lava volcano.
But that can change if the volcano comes in contact with water ,from the glacier again.
Still there is plenty of ice around the volcano.
Few military jets have been damaged due to the ash cloud.
Two Finish F-18 flew into the ash cloud and one F-16 NATO fighter.
NATO spokesman , would not inform ,where and when the F-16 got damaged.

Here is a MODIS satellite image of the ash cloud ,taken today at 12.50, local time in Iceland.
And also some videos i took , the first is taken last saturday , and the second when i went flying over the other volcano in March, near the Eyjafjallajökull volcano ,and the third one when i went to the volcano in march.

Voolcano slowing down in Iceland - video

Volcano in Iceland has slowed down
The weather forecast is for clear skies at the volcano area today .

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Great quantity of volcano material in Iceland - videos

According to Scientists in Iceland , material that has come out of the volcano,is  140 million cubic meters of volcano material.
That would mean,that material has come out of the volcano has been about  750 tons/per second,since the beginning of the eruption.
And of that , 100 million cubic/meters have gone airborne as ash .
Volcano activity has been less today ,and the ash clouds is at a lower altitude.

Why airplanes dont like Icelandic volcanos , video and more

Here you can see David Attenborough visit and talk about Icelandic volcanos.
And also in the other video , why airplanes dont like volcanos.

Volcano in Iceland and strange speaches about it photo

The volcano is going strong here in Iceland.
Today it is more cloudy ,se the view to the volcano is not as good as yesterday.
This image here is from the web cam of

Here is also a link to a satellite image of Europe and the wind directions.

Rush Limbaugh claims that God is punishing everybody in Europe ,because of Barak Obama

Here is what he said on his radio station .
Good to know ,that if Barak Obama does something,then God punishes the United Kingdom and the rest of Europe. Strange politics in the US.

You can listen to him here

" You know, a couple of days after the health care bill had been signed into law Obama ran around all over the country saying, “Hey, you know, I’m looking around. The earth hadn’t opened up. There’s no Armageddon out there. The birds are still chirping.” I think the earth has opened up. God may have replied. This volcano in Iceland has grounded more airplanes — airspace has more affected — than even after 9/11 because of this plume, because of this ash cloud over Northern and Western Europe. At the Paris airport they’re telling people to head to the train station to catch trains out of France, and when people get to the train station they’re telling people, “There aren’t any seats until at least April 22nd,” basically a week from now. It’s got everybody in a shutdown. Earth has opened up. I don’t know whether it’s a rebirth or Armageddon. Hopefully it’s a rebirth, God speaking."

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Video of Iceland volcano today ,great weather for it

Icelands volcano had a great time today.
Great weahter and northerly winds.  So the ash cloud whent south,over the Westmann islands.
Here is a video i took today. I was about 80 kilometers away from the volcano.
The volcano is still going strong.

Video of the volcano in Iceland today

Today i went east so see the voolcano from a distance.
Took a few photos and video .
I was about 100 kilometers away from the volcano.
You can see the ash cloud moving sout,over teh Westmann Islands, just a few miles away from the Volcano.
I will add the video later.

Volcano ash cloud in Iceland coming , photos and video

Here you can see the Ash cloud approaching the Westmann Islands late evening yesterday.
My brother inlaw took this from his home there.
The wind direction changed, to a the islands.
In 1973 there was a big volcano in the Westmann Islands.
The weather is more clear now,sunny and great visibility.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Live video from Iceland volcano and photos

Now the weather is getting more clear,around the volcano in Iceland.
Here are two new photos and you can see the ash cloud coming up.
This is what is stopping airtraffic in Europe.
Here is link to live video cameras on the volcano.

This is a good view - VOLCANO
Another view -          Volcano

Driving through the volcano ash in Iceland - video

The volcano is still going strong.
Weather is getting better,and the wind should turn tomorrow and blow to the south.
Ash is covering part of ICeland,and here is a video of reporters driving in the ash cloud.

Volcano in Iceland - radarphoto and link

Here you can see a radarphoto ,of the volcano.
This photo was atken yesterday,by the Icelandic Coast Guard.
Here is also a link , to a page ,where you can see how the airtraffic over Eutpoe is going. airtraffic

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Volcano ash over europe - photo

Volcano ash is going fast over Europe.
Air traffic is affected ,and many airspaces are being closed down.
Here is an image that shows the ash cloud over Europe.

Planes disapear from the atlantic - image

Here you can see how the planes are disapearing from the north atlantic today.
Here is alink so you can follow how the flights keep disapearing


Volcano in Iceland ,location - videos

Here are two videos i took last march 28.
You can see the location of the volcano,when is was at the volcano that erupted in march.
The highest point in the video ,that is where the new volcano is ,and it is 20 times more powerful than the volcano in march.
The march volcano was a tourist volcano,and people could visit it ,and have a nice time.
The highest point of the video is Eyjafjallajokull volcano.

Planes stop in Europe , and volcano still going strong - video

The Volcano in Iceland is still going strong.
Towns near the volcano are preparing for ash coming ,when the wind direction will change.
Westmann Islands,few kilometeres sout of the volcano,had a big eruption in 1973.
Then the island was evacuated in a few hours, around 5000 people.
The ash cloud is now affecting aviation in Europe.
Many countries have closed ,for outgoing and incoming planes.
United Kingdom is all closed ,due to the danger ,if planes fly into the ash.
The international airport in Iceland , Keflavik is still open.
Here is a video of the volcano site,taken on the Icelandic Coast Guard helicopter.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Lava seen in the volcano in a heat camera - video

Here you can see a video taken from the Icelands Coast Guard plane.
You can see how the flood has taken the national highway,and also a heat camera on the volcano ,and you can see the lava pouring out.

Another flood wave, and videos from the icelands volcano

Another flood wave is coming down as we speak.
Here are videos , one from the BBC and another of the flood wave this morning.

Another flood coming down - reporters evacuated.

Police is now evacuating reporters from the bridge,becuase the gor information,that another flood wave is coming down from the glacier.
This volcano under the glacier at Eyjafjallajokull ,is much more powerful that the volcano at Fimmvorduhals,that was erupting few days ago.
On the photo ,you can see Eyjafjallajokull ,at a good day.
Here is a link to a local newspaper, and on it is a video of the flood from the glacier this morning.
Just click on -- HORFA Á MYNDSKEID MED FRÉTT ---

Click on the photo ,and it will be larger and normal

Another volcano erupts in Iceland ,and more powerful. video

Well it just happened this morning, the  new volcano under the glacier ,named Eyjafjallajokull.
This one is just a few miles from the one that erupted a few weeks ago ,at Fimmvorduhals ,that was just east of this one.

All traffic near the volcano is forbidden ,and the national higway is out.
They had to cut a few hundred feet of the highway , so that a bridge on the highway would not be destroyed.
The flood,that came from the glacier ,came down on both sides of the volcano, north and south.

All residents in the area where evacuated,about 700 hundred people.
Here is a video from the local newspaper,, of the water flood coming down to the higway
And also a video i took of the other volcano from and airplane ,and from the ground ,a few weeks ago.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

3 former ministers in Iceland ,could be prosecuted.

Three former miniaters of the Icelandic govermnet in 2008, could be prosecuted for gross neglegence in their work as ministers.
Parliement committie, is discussing the truth report, may recomend to Prliement ,that the minsiters should be prosecuted.
The ministers are , Geir H. Haarde ,former prime minister, Áarni Mathieses , former finance minister,and Björgvin G. Sigurðsson, buinsess minister.
They have all denied ,of doing anything wrong,before the banking crisis in 2008.
Former prime minister,blames the banks themselves,for the banking crisis.

CEo´s of the Icelands Central Bank ,are also blamed for the crisis in 2008.

The Truth Report is online ,and is located here --

Reykjavik city theatre is reading the report nonstop,and you can see the actors here ,reading the report online.

And here you can see them read yesterday ,when i went to see theam read the report.


Did the banks control the Icelandic goverment ?

The Black report that was delivered yesterday, has been nonstop on the local news in ICeland.
And it probably will be on the news for months to come.
Negative feelings to the Icelandic Banks and financial system,was so bad in the beginning of 2008,that Central Bank managers of the nordic banks, that they did not want to meet the Icelandic Central Bank managers at a meeting of the banks in Basel in Swiss.
That shocked the Icelandic Managers at the meeting.
The Nordic Bank managers didnt want to meet them or even be seen with the Icelandic Cental Bank managers.

It was so bad ,that one of the Nordic Central bank magers,tried not to say hi,or shake hands with the Icelandic Manager,until he he could not,when they where in an elevator together,and and the greetings was not more warm than ,that the Nordic Manager used his left hand ,to shake hands with the ICelandic Manager.

According to the Truth ( black ) report, bakers used dirty tricks to get customers.

Arni Mathiesen,finance minister of Iceland during the banking crisis, told the black report committie ,that all the bankers lied to the goverment,but Bjorgulfur Thor Bjorgulfsson ,lied the most.

10 members of Parliement had loans over 100 million kronas from 2005 until the banking crisis.
One was then justice minister Sólveig Pétursdóttir, and the loan she had was 3.6 billion kronas.

Another was then,minister of education ,Þorgerður Katrin Gunnarsdóttir .and her loan was 1.7 billion krona.

Also Ludvik Bergvinsson , and his loan was 755 million kronas.

The banks also gave money to the political parties.
Looks like the banks controlled the Goverment.

Here you can see part of the report in English.


top :Þorgerður Katrín Gunnarsdóttir
Middle:  Sólveig Pétursdóttir
botootm: Ludvik Bergvinsson

Monday, April 12, 2010

Icelands Parliement truth report online in English

Icelands Parliement truth ( black ) report is now online in english.
It is located here

Black Report read in Iceland thether today and tomorrow .....

Today the Black Report was published.
It is a report asked by Icelands parliement,about the banking crisis 2008 , and who made the mistakes.
It is in 9 volumes ,and containes how and why the politicians and bankers made the banking crisis happen.
The report says , that a few of the ministers in 2008 , made bad deciciuns , and Parliement should discuss , about if they should be prosecuted.
That would be ,then Prime Miniater,buinsess minister ,foreign minister and Finance minister.

Reykjavik city theather staff and actors , got the book ,in 9 volumes , and are going to read it ,nonstop.
The public can visit any time,day or night,and it is free of charge.
They think that the reading could take 3- to 5 days and nights.
Actors thinsk that , the text could be a problem,- numbers with many zeros, and tricky official language.
You can see the report on the table on the stage.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Peaceful protest in Reykjavik today - photos

Peaceful protest was held today in Reykjavik.
It is the weekly protest demanding that the goverment help the public.
But it looks like the people in Iceland have given up.
Only a handful of people attended.
The goverment is raising taxes ,left and right, and the public sees that whatever they do , it doesent matter.
The unions do not supprt them , the church is on goverment payroll ,so tit looks like that the people of Iceland have been deserted by everybody.
But they help there party members, so they are ok .
I took a few phtos today in Reykjavik .

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Three big media ,controlled by ladies in Iceland

The three big media companys in Iceland , are now all owned by ladies.
Lilja Skaftadottir,a art dealer,purchased the newspaper DV.IS ,with Reynir Traustasson,the editor of DV.
Guðbjörg Matthíasdóttir,a fishing industry lady from the Westmann Islands,is a majority owner of the
Former Prime minister and Central Bank CEO, David Odsson ,is the editor of
Ingibjörg Pálmadóttir, has 90% in 365 media, wich is Frettabladid and channel two tv and radio station.
Ingibjörg is the wife of Jón Ásgeir Jóhannesson, who is regurarly in the news these days.

Yesterday there there was a entertainment show on the state tv.
It had been going all winter, and it was a quis show,between towns and cities in Iceland.
And the final was yesterday.
And the winners got prizes,and the price was a flight with Iceland Express airline.
One of the winners was Vilhjálmur Bjarnarsson ,a teacher at a university ,and a private investor.
He refused to accept the prize,becuase it was from Iceland Express,wich is owned by Pálmi Haraldsson, who was prosecuted last week , for getting strange loans from Glitnir Bank.
Vilhjalmur confirmed that he did not accept the prize,and said, "I will not accept something that was stolen  "

photo: Vilhjálmur Bjarnarsson

Friday, April 9, 2010

Black Report in Iceland online in english april 12.

Black Report

The Black report, about waht happened and who is to blame for the banking crash in 2008, will be made public on april 12 .
The President of the Parliement ,will get the first copy at 10:00 and the report will be online on the internet at 10:20 .
Part of it will be in english ,and here is a link to that part.

Reporter prosecuted 

Pálmi Haraldsson has sued Svavar Halldórson,a reporter at the state TV and radi station.
He is prosecuting the reporter,for not making a difference between Him and Fons,his company.
Svavar reported that Pálmi got a 2.5 billion krona loan, but Pálmi says that his company ,Fons ,got the loan.
Pálmi sold Sterling ,from FL group at a high price,and made a lot of profit.

photo. Pálmi Haraldsson


Thursday, April 8, 2010

Black report in Iceland,and the public forgets very fast.

The Black report, the report on how and why the banking crisis occured and who ae the maine players in it, will be made public on april the 12th , that would be on next monday.
Now it is coming to light,that Banks CEO´s gave themselves big loans ,and with little or no sequrities.
And in emails, at the bank , money to CEO´s should be made to the Cayman ISlands ,could be seen.
The Reykjavík City Theatre, is goinf to read the report, wich will be published next monday.
It will be in 9 volumes,and the actors will read it,nonstop , a marathon read, day and night.

y say that many politicians are not very happy about the black report, because ,many politicians, still in parliement, are also to blame.
But since they control the system in Iceland, then they should not worry.
The public in Iceland , forgets fast who is to blame.
Icelands voters are very party loyal, and it does not matter what the elite in the parties do , they are forgiven ,and voted into parliement again.
One member of parliement today , was a few years ago in jail, for stealing and accepting bribes from a a big contract company.
But ,he was voted into parliement,after sitting in jail for a while.
So , the public might be angry for a week or so,after the black report is public.
And then we go and watch the volcano ,and forget the past.

Image Hosted by

Banks CEO stole money from Glitnir bank ,Iceland ?

Three former CEO´s of Glitnir Bank, Jón Ásgeir Jóhannesson, Pálmi Haraldsson,and Lárus Wielding, have been prosecuted by the Glitnir Bank, for breaking rules when they loaned 6 billion kronas .
They manipulated the Glitnir from the inside, and loaned themselves lots of money,and with little or no sequrities.
The E-mails , that have been published , says it all.
One of the senior executives ,says in his e-mail " I must admitt that is dont understand why we dont just loan Pálmar two billion kronas to put in a Cayman account, before he goes banckrupt.And not go into the Goldsmith exersice"

Looks like that the CEO´s of Glitnir Bank where having a good day at the bank.

Photo: left: Jón Ásgeir
center: Pálmi
Right: Lárus Wielding

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

US helcopter killes in Iraq, Video - Wikileaks

Wikileaks published a vide tape on its website,when a US Apache helicopter attacked and killed 12 individuals.
Amoung the dead where two Reuters reporters.
Birgitta Jonsdottir, member of the ICelandic Parliement, says that ICeland should apologize to the Iraqi people,for supporting the USA invacion into Iraq.
Birgitta helped bring the video online at Wikileaks.
According to Birgitta , the Apache Helicopter attacked and killed unarmed civilians in Baghdad.
A senior member of the US defence minestry ,has confirmed that the video is real.
Here you can see the video .

Friday, April 2, 2010

More photos of the volcano in Iceland ,today

Here are a few photos of the volcano ,taken this morning.
It is stable,and lot of people are visiting the volcano.