Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Naked ladies no more in Iceland ,and a lady taken out of her house

Today parliement passed a law, that forbids any kind of nude dancing in pubs and so on.
One pub in Iceland has offered , pole dancing ,where ladies take of their clothes ,and offer private dancing .
Also , tanning saloons , are forbidden , for those that are under 18 years old.

At the same time Arion Bank ( formerly known as Kaupthing ) asked and received from the county court today , to have a woman in her fifties ,taken out of her apartment.
She has had troubles with her loans since the banking crisis started in 2008.
She also lost her job and had a bad divorce.
She tried to negociate with the Arion Bank,but they could not get any deal.

Arion Bank bought the apartment ,at an auction last year.

The Goverment is still helping the Banks and CEO´s of companys ,and writing of big debts .

But the public gets no assistance from the Goverment .

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