Sunday, July 28, 2013

Great weather in Iceland - Reykjavik at night , photos and video

Last night was great ,weather wise in Reykjavik. Lots of people ,foreign and domestic,walking around and enjoying the weather .
 Many tourists where at the seaside,enjoying the sunset at around 22:30 hours. As you can see, partly clear skies,calm winds,and quite hot .
 You can also see a lonely statue ,looking over the City pond in the center of Reykjavik.


Saturday, July 27, 2013

Heatwave in Reykjavik,Iceland - video and photos

Today there is a blistering heat of around 20 degrees on the celsius ( 68 F ) and then we go to the beach in Reykjavik to cool of , and use the North Atlantic ocean.
 You can see on the video that people where enjoying the weather , and use all means to cool off -

Heatwave in Reykjavik , Iceland - photos

Today the temperature in Reykjavik in Iceland was at around 20 degrees on the celcius - And that is called a Heatwave here in Iceland . Me and my wife went for a little walk this evening at around 21:00 hours in the family park in Reykjavik. Lots of people walking around and enjoying the scenery ,flowers and of course - the weather . In this family park there is also a Zoo ,and lots of beautiful trees and flowers