Wednesday, February 25, 2009

David Oddsson on TV in Iceland

Yesterday,the central bank CEO ,mr: David Oddsson ,was on the national tv station in a interview program.
He said ,few weeks before the collapse,he had warned the Icelandic goverment,that the Icelandic banks would crash,in 2 - 3 weeks.
and the goverment did not take his warnings seriusly.
And the present goverment,with changing the law
, so that they can fire the current CEO´s of the central bank ,is just a personal attack against him and the central bank.

Here is the TV show ( better if you understand Icelandic )

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Protest 21 february 2009 in Reykjavik - Iceland

20th saturday protest meeting was held in downtown Reykjavik today.
The Central Bank CEO , mr: David Oddsson ,is still in charge
there.Banks CEO´s have transferred huge sums of money to
banks in the cayman island and other tax havens in the carribean.
Kaupthin Bank,recently sold the cars that it owned.Big and expencive cars,and they did not advertise ,but sold
them to " friends " and gave 70 % discount.
They are still at it ,but people are getting more angry when
they hear the news,about the corruption.

Protest meeting today in Iceland

Today there is a planned protest meeting in Reykjavik.
I will be there with my camera and update here later today.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Interview on CNN about Iceland

Here is an interview on CNN with an Icelander about the protests in Iceland recently.
The Icelander is -- Me .

Link: CNN interview

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Protest number 18 in Reykjavik and chess

Today there was the weekly protest against the goverment and the Central Bank.
Two of the three CEO´s of the Central bank have aggredd to resign.One has already resigned,and the other will quit on the first of june .
But one has refused to resign, a mr: David Oddsson,former prime minister.

The new goverment is trying to pass a law,so that there are new rules governing the central bank

And on the lighter side ,today there was also a winterfestival.
And there was a chess exhibition,and people could take a game of chess.
There where also chess sets ,with strange caracters.
On one of them,there was Adolf Hitler,as king,and Superman as a pawn.

I took avideo of two chess players take a game on a bigger chess set.I took a little video of that.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Apartment for 25 million dollars

Jon Asgeir ,the CEO of Baugur group,and his wife Ingibjörg Palmadottir,have set their apartment in Manhattan for sale.
They bought it in 2006 ,for 24 million dollars.

And today ,there is a Winterfestival in Reykjavik,and the weekly protest in downtown Reykjavik.
I will try to attend with my camera.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Protest in Reykjavik february 10 2009

Still protests at the Icelandic Central Bank this morning.
Peaceful in the cold morning. ( minus 6 on the celcius )
Bubbi Morthens , Icelandic Rock Icon,came with his grou , EGO , and played a few songs ,and also told the staff at the central bank,to be kind to David Oddsson ,Central Bank CEO ,be kind to him ,but throw him out !
Lots of noise was made,potts and pans ,horns and more.

Monday, February 9, 2009

This morning at 8 o´clock ( GMT ) in Reykajvik ,Iceland,protesters gathered at the Icelandic Central Bank. The Icelandic prime minister has sent the CEO´s of the central bank,and asking them to resign. Two of the three CEO´s have refused to resign. Protesters where at the central bank,and the motive was ,try to stop the CEO´s from entering the building. It was a peaceful protest. Some protesters had to be chased of the building.
And the full moon showed its best this morning.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Protest planned at 8 in the morning in Reykjavik

David Oddson ,CEO of the Icelandic Central bank,has refused the Prime minister request for the resignation of all CEO of the central bank.
One of three CEO at the Central Bank has resigned.

David has sent the Prime Minister a letter ,and in it ,he says that he is offended that the letter was sent to his home,while he was in a foreign country.
His wife took the letter,and heard on the news the same day,what was in the letter to her husband.
He also says that the letter is just a political threat .

Protesters have planned a protest meeting at 8 in the mourning,at the Central Bank tomorrow.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Germany takes part in Iceland protest - february 7 2009

Here is a video clip of the weekly saturday protest in Iceland.
Still demanding responsabilty by the banking industry and the goverment.
Elections and change of the goverment and CEO at the Icelandic Central Bank.
Today there where a few Germans at the protest in Reykjavik.
THey are trying to talk to Kaupthing Bank ,about their savings,that they had in Kaupthing Bank in Germany.
So the protest in ICeland is going International.
It is very cold in Reykjavik ,just below zero on the celcius scale ,and windy.
One central bank CEO ( there are three CEO at the central bank ) has resigned his post there.
David Oddson ,the head of the central bank and former prime minister,has not yet,answered the letter that Johanna,Icelands prime minister,sent him,asking him to resign.
She wanted an answer by last thursday,but he has not yet answered her letter.
Protests are planned next monday at the Central Bank.

Still protests in Iceland

Protests are still on for this saturday, february 7th 2009.
I will be there and video and photo the protest.
Here are photos from the protest at january 31 .
Two of three Central bank CEO ,has answered the prime minister ,and one of them has resigned.
David Oddsson has not answered the prime minister .


Wednesday, February 4, 2009

David and Jon Asgeir -- is it personal ?

Today Mr. Jon Asgeir Johannesson,CEO and owner of Baugur Group,claimed ,that by his information from a high ranking Independence party member, that Mr. David Oddson, CEO of the Central Bank, will not quit,before Baugur Group has gone down.
THere have been for many years now,bad feelings between David and Jon Asgeir.
When David was prime minister,he tried to get a law passed ,that made ownership of the media ,not possible,by one individual.
THe president denied to sign that into law.
Then Jon Asgeir and more in Baugur Group,where charge for breking tax laws,and many years later they where mostly aqquitted.
And now - Jon Asgeir ,claims that David is making the goverment owned banks, call in their loans to Baugur Group.
He also says ,according to his information,that David will not quit at the central bank ,as the goverment wants,before Baugur group , quits first.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Two former stewardesses ,now ministers in Iceland

Two of the new ministers in the Icelandic goverment - are former stewardesses.
Both worked at the same Icelandic Airlines.

Johanna Sigurdardottir ,prime minister was a stewardes at Loftleidir Airlins,from 1962-1971

And Asta R. Johannesdottir ,minister of social services and insurance, was a stewardes at the same airline from 1969-1972.

Press conference in Iceland - new rules

The new goverment in Iceland ,held a press conference today.
There ,Johanna PM and Steingrimur, financial minister,told the press,that the govermnet would hold weekly press conferences.
And the PM also said ,that a change would be made at the Central Bank.
All ( three ) bank CEO ,had been asked to resign,the PM sent a letter to them yesterday to that effect.
And the board of the Central Bank also.
After that ,there would only be one CEO of the central bank,and a individual with some knowledge would be hired.
The goverment would advertise the job.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

New goverment in Iceland - Johanna prime ministernn

New goverment in Iceland is now holding its first press conference. Prime minister will be Johanna Sigurdardottit ,in Social Democratic Alliance ( SDA ) SDA and the Left Green Movement ( LGM ) and ...
New goverment in Iceland is now holding its first press conference.
Prime minister will be Johanna Sigurdardottit ,in Social Democratic Alliance ( SDA )
SDA and the Left Green Movement ( LGM ) and with the support of a Framsokn ( farmers party ,dont know its name in english )
Here is a video i took at the press conference, and in the center to the right is ,Johanna Sigurdardottir ,and to the left is the chairman of the LGM Steingrimur J. Sigfusson.
To the far left is the vice chairman of the LGM ,Katrin Jakopsdottir,and to the far right is the chairman of the SDA, Ingibjorg S. Gisladottir.
The agreement between the parties calls for ,more democrosy,more equaliti,and better information flow.

New Goverment in Iceland introduced today

New goverment is going to be introduced today at 16:00 hours.
The new prime minister will be , Johanna Sigurdardottir.
This goverment has 83 days to work on the Icelandic crisis problems.
after 83 days there will be elections .
Here is a little video clip i took yesterday,and it shows the view to the noth of Reykjavik,and in the end,it shows buildings , that can not be finished ,because of the crisis here.