Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Volcano getting bigger in Iceland !

Just now,the volcano opened another fissure in the ground.
It is northwest to the other fissure.
The new opening is about 300 to 400 metres long.
The activity in the old er opening got less ,when this new one opened and started to erupt.
Eruption in the new fissure is getting bigger and more powerful.
THese photos here are from a Live stream camera viewing the volcano.
Here are links to a few cameras watching the volcano in live stream .

Camera one Camera two
Camera three

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

More photos from the volcano in Iceland

The Weather office in iceland,warned the Civil Defence in Iceland ,about the volcano ,12 hours before it happened.
The volcano is stable , and lots of people are visiting it.
Chefs from Hotel Hold,have openend a restaurant near the volcano,and they will be cooking delicius meals ,and use the Hot lava ,to cook.

Who said that Icelanders where normal ?

The public may not go near the lava,that has run down the canyons,due to gas and toxic fumes.
Here are more photos i took last saturday ,when i flew over the volcano.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Photos and video of Volcano in Iceland

Yesterday, i flew over the volcano with a friend of mine.
Lots of traffic at the volcano site, both on the ground and in the air.
Two helicopters and many planes flying around to see the volcano.
And on the ground , as you can see on the video, the volcano is now a tourist attraction.

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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Volcano in Iceland , photos march 2010

Today , the weather is great , clear skies and calm.
Many are now travelling to the Volcano area.
That is only about 160 kilometers from Reykjavik.
The volcano is now stable ,but very active.
Lava is flowing from it,and people shlud be very careful,and also not be in low parts near the volcano ,due to deadly gas,that can be in low areas.
A friend of mine whent there to the lava field ,and gave me permission to show his photos he took there .

Friday, March 26, 2010

Volcano is now a tourist attraction , video

Here is a video clip of the volcano in Iceland,that is still active , but stabel.
It has become an a tourist attraction.
Many hundreds of people are going to the Volcano,and tomorrow,witha good weather forecast,it is expected that many more will come and visit the volcano.
Here is a video of the volcano in action

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Maybe another volcano in Iceland ? video

The volcano at Eyjafjallajokull,has been stable today.
But, men are worried that is could activate Katla, another volcano under the Myrdalsjokull , near by.
When Eyjafjallajokull has erupted,then Katla has also erupted , usually few months after.
And that is a big volcano.
Katla erupted last in the year 1918.
That was a big eruption.
Volcanos in Iceland have sometimes been big and done some major damage to Iceland and other countries,through the centurys.
Here is a video of an interview on FOX tv about the volcano in Iceland

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Live video of Volcano in Iceland

Volcano is still active, and getting a little bit more powerful.
Now there are two web cameras ,streaming video online.
Here is a link to a live video , and the volcano is viewed from the north .

And here is another one, view from the town of HVolsvellir, so viewed from the west.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Naked ladies no more in Iceland ,and a lady taken out of her house

Today parliement passed a law, that forbids any kind of nude dancing in pubs and so on.
One pub in Iceland has offered , pole dancing ,where ladies take of their clothes ,and offer private dancing .
Also , tanning saloons , are forbidden , for those that are under 18 years old.

At the same time Arion Bank ( formerly known as Kaupthing ) asked and received from the county court today , to have a woman in her fifties ,taken out of her apartment.
She has had troubles with her loans since the banking crisis started in 2008.
She also lost her job and had a bad divorce.
She tried to negociate with the Arion Bank,but they could not get any deal.

Arion Bank bought the apartment ,at an auction last year.

The Goverment is still helping the Banks and CEO´s of companys ,and writing of big debts .

But the public gets no assistance from the Goverment .

Monday, March 22, 2010

More volcano news from Iceland

At the Civil defence meeting today , it was decided with the federal Police,to increase sequrity near the populated are where the volcano is.
The reason is because of increasing traffic in the area ,and also to insure the safety of the people there.
Residents of 14 farms near Eyjafjallajokull,where not allowed to stay there last night.
That would be about 50 individuals.
They where allowed to go back ,after the Civil Defence meeting today .
All roads to the Volcano area are closed.
Next Civil Defence meeting wil be tomorrow at 16:00 hours.
And the weather forecast is bad, very bad weather tonight and tomorrow.

Volcano still active,and few explosions - in Iceland

Scientists have been flying over the volcano today.
They are seeing howw the volcano is behaving, and what should be done.
Civil defence will have a meeting at 17:00 hours today, to make decicions on weather to evacuate farms near the volcano.
Powerful steam explosion was this morning at 7:00 o´clock .
Few explosions have been since , and it has been getting more active.

Here you can see photos of the volcano , taken today - Photos.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Video posting of volcano in Iceland , march 2010

Here is a video , filmed by the Icelandic Coast Guard last night.
The Coast Guard, flew over the volcano , with scientists to check out the volcano.

Volcano still active, video of volcano

International flights should be back to normal tomorrow.
Domestic flights , will resume in the evening , but all domestic flights where cancelled , due to the volcano activity.
The national highway, near the volcano, has been opened again for traffic.
It was closed due to its proximity to the volcano.
All residents near the volcano , where evacuated safely away .

Here is a link ,where you can see a video of the volcano last night. video

Video from the volcano in Iceland

Here are two clips ,taken last night and this morning of the volcano that started last night in Iceland.

Volcano in Iceland getting more powerful - video

The eruption is not a big volcano,but it has been increasing in power over thelast 6 hours.
The volcano is between two glaciers, Eyjafjalla and Myrdals glaciers.
THis volcano is about 500 to 1000 meters long on the ground.
In the Westmann islands volcano in 1973, there it was 4000 meteres .
ITs a lava volcano, and lava is coming out, but how much is not known.
Location of this volcano is at a popular tourist spot in that area.
There has not been any volcano activty at this location four thousands of years.
In the video you can see the eruption at Westmann Islands in 1973

Volcano in Iceland ,not under the glacier. photo

The volcano is at Fimmvörðuháls, a location between Eyjafjallajokull and Myrdalsjokull.
According to the Iceland Coast Guard, the volcano erupted , in a 1 Kilometer long opening in the ground.
The opening is , in a south- east to south-west direction.
The Volcano is not under ice or the glacier.
Lots of traffic is in both direction , from and to the volcano area.
Looks like people are also going ,to see this natural activity.
500 people that live in the area, have been evacuated.

The volcano is not very powerful now, but it is getting more powerful,according to scientists .

This photo was taken by the Coast Guard of the volcano.

People are being evacuated ,volcano started in Iceland

Just after 12 o´clock , midnight ( local time ) a volcano erupted at Eyjafjalljokull ( eyjafjallaglacier ) in Iceland.Civil defence has declared an emergency situation.and evacuation has begun of people near the volcano.
Civil Defence , says that all rescue teams in the area are at the highest alert.
Few hundred people are in and near the danger zone near the volcano.
A coast guard helicopter , is on its way , with a volcano specialists to see how big the volcano is.
The helicopter will be at the site just before two o´clock ( local time )

The police in Westmann Islands , says that they see bright light from the Glacier.

Also that many are watching , and they are in a shock,becuase they remember the volcano that hit their island in 1973.

Here you can see a video of the volcano in Westamnn islands in 1973

On the photo you can see the location on Eyjafjallajokull and Westmann islands

Here you can see photo from the Volcano --

Volcano erupts in Iceland.

According to the newspaper ,, eyjafjallajokull, ( eyjafjllglacier ) has erupted just now.
According to the Police at Selfoss , evacuation,of the farms near the eruption has begun.
The weather office says that it has news of eruption, but the eruption has not been confirmed.
Eyjafjallajökull is in the southern most part of Iceland.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Corruption going public in Iceland ? photos

The press in Iceland

The press in Iceland is a strange press.
It does matter what newspaper you read.
One is to the right ,other leaning to the left, and of course we have the yellow press also.
Reporters say the same story , but it matters how it is reported,that is , on what newspaper you are writing for.
One newspaper in Iceland ,DV, says today that one reporter at MBL.IS, a lady that has claimed that she has never accepted anything from the big CEO´s who took part in the banking crisis 2008, accepted a free airline ticket from FL-Group in 2005.
Last month she said ,that she had never accepted any free tickets .
The lady ,Agnes Bragadottir,has been writing and attacking ,many politicians , and claiming that the blame of the banking crisis ,can be put on many politicians , but not members of the Independent party.
David Oddson,former CEO of the Icelandic central bank is now the editor of MBl.IS .
He is also former prime minister,and former chairman of the Independence party.

Minister in Iceland

Alfheidur Ingadottir , Health Minister in the Icelandic govermnet,hired today a person to be in charge of the Committee,about building the new Hospital in Reykjavik.

The person she hired will be the chairmen of that Committee.
The Health Minister,hired her best friend and wife of Svavar Gestson, the man who was chairman of the Committee,that made the Icesave deal with the UK and the Dutch,tha was accepted by parliement on the 31st of december 2009.

The Health Minister and Svavar Gestsson ,are both member of the Left-Green Movement.

So the situation in Iceland is : Normal ?


Top - Agnes Bragadottir

middle- health Minister

bottom- Svavar Gestsson

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Terrorism in Reykjavik last night ?

An attempt was made last night ,to cut off all comunications in the Reykjavik area.
Three petrol bombs, where put at the place where most of the comunnication are located in Reykjavik.
It was not succesful.
Antennas for digital comunication,carry most of the Phone and digital TV in the soutwest part of Iceland.
Three petrol bombs where at the location, but only two of the bombs exploded.
Some interuption was on the transmitters for a few hours.
Police are investigating .

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Air Force in Iceland ?

A Dutch company,ECA Programs,want to register in ICeland ,20 military jets.
The company is planning to rent these planes ,for military training,and acting as enemies for NATO military trainings.
ECA Programs plans ,if the may register the jets in ICeland, to invest in Iceland around 300 billion kronas.
So it would look like that there will be a privaticed Air Force in Iceland.

The black report, that is about the banking crash ,and who is to blame, is still postponed, to before or after easter ,according to news in Iceland.
This report was asked by the parliement.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Banks in Iceland got away with tax evasion. video

According to the Icelandic goverment, that the investigation in tax offences,in connection with the banking crash in 2008,has shown that hundred of billions kronas,where not on tax reports,that it should have by law.
Johanna,Icelands prime minister,says that it looks like that the banks where working in a black economy system.
Price of houses in Iceland is still going down.
They house properety price has gone down 0,4 % since last month.
But the men who controlled the crash are having a nice time.
Debts written off , and few of them living in excellent houses in London .

Here is a video from the protest in february 2010.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Protest in Reykjavik , march 13. 2010 photos

Last saturday ( march 13. 2010 ) there was the weekly protest in front of the parliemnet building in Reykjavik.
Still demanding help from the goverment,and that the govermnet keep it promises to the public.
The goverment promised last year to help the public with their bad loans.
But , people are loosing houses,cars ,and still no help in sight.
At the same time ,the banks write off big debts, for bankers,former ministers, CEO´s at big companys.
Tomorrow, at 12:00 , there will be a protest at the HQ of Islandbanki .

People are still waitng for the black report, investigative report, about the crash and who is to blame.
It has been postponed a few times, maybe it will never come out ?

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Rock King in Iceland angry at David Oddson,former CEO of the central bank

Bubbi Morthens, the Icelandic rock king, has a blog in Icelandic at
And today he writes his thoughts about the economic crash in Iceland, and who is to blame.
The corrupt public officials and David Oddson goverment ,that made the groundwork with total corruption and their friends in the Progressive party.

David Oddson is now editor at the Morgunbladid, the oldest newspaper in Iceland.
His close friend and advisor ,Kjartan Gunnarsson,was before the crash , when David was CEO of the central bank, then kjartan was CEO of Landsbankinn.
Bubbi is angry .

Here below you can see Bubbi at the protests last year,playing for the protesters.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Party loyalty is strong in Iceland.

Looks like that the Icelandic parliement is working on a strange rules and system
Evrey four years , members of parliement go out an talk to people,promises them good things,and try to get the peoples vote, so they can get voted into parliement ,and do what the promised to the people .
And use the the famous promise, that " we members of parliement are voted by the people ,and we work for the people "
Then they go into parliement, and work for the Financial system, banks,big companys,and if the fail , and need money to help their friends in the banks,big companys,and in the financial system ,the make the people pay.

The people that did nothing, the people that made no mistakes, the people that did not fail .
And how do they make them pay ?
They raise income tax, gas tax, and every other tax that they can think of.
People are not to bright, because they come in four years, to talk to people and try to get their vote, and people belive them ,and vote for them again.

Party and leaders loyalty is very strong in Iceland.
Does not matter how the party and their leaders fail in controlling the country, or how corrupt they are, people still forget very fast ,and vote for the same members of parliement again.
You deserve what you vote for .

Icelands banks profits,public suffers .

Loans in the old banks in Iceland ,where moved to the new banks ,after the Banking collapse in 2008.
The new banks got the loans on 31 to 47% discount ,into their accounting books.
But those who have those loans,the public,companys and so on ,still have to pay 100 % of the loan, even though the banks got them with a big discount from the old banks.
SO the books in the banks are good, but the public will have to pay, and if not, then go bankrupt.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Matthew Lynn says that Iceland should not pay ! video

According to Bloombergs columnist Matthew Lynn ,Iceland should not pay Icesave.
You can see it here on the video , in an interview,before the Icelandic referendum on march 6th.

Looks like that the financial system in Iceland is not going to change,even though the Banking crisis showed the faults in the system.
So the corruption can go on ,as before.
Still the bankers are getting debts written off,and dont have to pay anything.
But the public is having a bad time,house loans going up,house prices going down.
So if you are not a banker,and you are just a working tax payer, then you will have to pay.

On the video below ,you can see Max Keiser predict the Banking collapse in Iceland.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Know the right people in Iceland ,and you will not have to pay !

Here is a story that was in DV,one of the newspapers in ICeland
There is a woman in Iceland who has three children.
Her husband died last january in an accident.
And recently she whent to her bank,and wanted to pay up the debt on her house, and interests,but asked the bank to cut some of the extra interests,that is put on every loan,to adjust for inflation.
She was offering to the debt but wanted the bank to cut down the extra interests,in the amount of 1.5 million kronas.
The bank said NO.
At the same time banks are giving away debts, for some of the CEO´s ,in the amount of billions.
Finnur Ingólfsson,former member of parliement,Mininster,and CEO of the ICelandic central bank a few years ago , got on one of his companys ,a debt of 3.5 Billion kroans written off.

Another one ,Mr. Bjarni Ármansson,former CEO of Glitnir bank, got 800 million debt written off and when asked about the debt, he siad, " it would be irresponsable use of my money to pay the debt "

So it does matter if you are connected to the people in power.

photos: top- Bjarni Ármansson

below - Finnur Ingólfsson

Monday, March 8, 2010

Political crisis in Iceland ?

Many belive that there is a political crisis in Iceland now,after the national referendum.
All foreign loans depend on ,that the Icesave account will be agreed on , before that ,Iceland gets no assistance.
Opposition members in the Icelandic parliement are demanding that the goverment puts a date
for a National parliement election soon.
But the goverment says that it si still in control ,and are making progress with the Icesave account.

Icelands No,could it spread around Europe ?

Iceland said " NO" on saturday ,against the Icesave agrrement , between Iceland, THe Dutch and Britain.
Are the Europian politicians afraid now,that the " NO" could spread to other countries ?
Greece is having similar problems, since Iceland said no , would Greece also say no ?

Iceland will still negoiate with Britain and the dtuch,about Icesave.
Bjarni Benediktsson ,chairman of the Independence party and member of parliement, wants the current goverment out,and have election in the spring.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Soviet vote in Iceland ! Iceland votes "NO" in the referendum.

57% took part in the national referendum yesterday.
227.896 voters are in Iceland,but only 57% took part in the referendum.
Of those vote that have been counted , 121.772 have said " NO" and only 2261 have said " YES "
that means that 93% say "NO" .
Looks like a Soviet Vote in Iceland yesterday.
Many of the foreign press came to Iceland.
You can see on the video i took from the protest yesterday , that many attended the protest,

No affect on the Icelandic goverment , photos and video

According to numbers ,1.5 % percent have said yes to the agreement to pay the Icesave, but 93,6 say not to that.
But this does not change anything .
The Prime minister and finannce minister say that there is a new deal on the table.
Icelands President says ,that a Referendum ,make the democracy stronger .
The outcome of the referendum does not have any affect on the goverment in Iceland.

Here are photos and video from the protest yesterday in Reykjavik

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Iceland says " NO" in the referendum today.

According to the first numbers coming out ,after the referendum today, No is the final answer.
First numbers in Reykajvik are , Yes - 399 and No - 19.515.
90 % said no, and it is similar in every other part of ICeland .
Here below are some photos from the protest today in Reykjavik.
Many of the foreign press was in Iceland today ,to follow the Referendum .

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