Monday, August 30, 2010

Corruption in the Icelandic church and power company - video

Lots of news these day from Iceland.
The Icelandic church apologizing ,for trying to hush up ,what the former Bishop did.
Former Bishop,who passed away in 2008, was accused in 1996 of sexual misconduct with women .
And his daughter told the Church this year,that her father ( the Bishop ) sexually molested her.
You can read more about it here

More news , the power company in Reykjavik,is raising the money you have to pay for electricity and hot water,around 30 percent.
The made bad loans and investments, the chiefs there , and when the big guys make mistakes,the public must pay for it.

This also happened when the goverment and banks made mistakes, they just raised what the public had to pay.
Good to know ,that if you make mistakes as a boss, you can make the public pay for your mistakes.

And last weekend there was an airshow and old cars show in Iceland.
I took a video of it,and i hope you enjoy the video.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Airshow in Iceland today ,old planes and old cars - photos

Today there was a airshow near Reykjavik.
The theme was , old cars and old planes.
And you can see on the photo,the weather was excellent, wind calm and very warm.
Many came to enjoy the weather,and the show.
Hope you like my photos.

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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Prime minister in Iceland thinking about leaving the church ?

People are signing themselves out of the State Church ,becuase of the scandal that is coming up now about the Church Bishop.
And at a press confeerence today ,the Prime minister was asked if she was in the state church,she answered, " yes".
Then she was asked if she had thought about leaving the state church,she answered, " yes,many times"
Asked again,if she as thinking about leaving the church because of the Bishop scandal, she answered " no coment"
Johanna Sigurdardotti,Icelands prime minister is openly gay,and last summer she married her partner.

Photo: Johanna Prime minister,to the left.and her partner

Monday, August 23, 2010

Iceland church in big trouble ?

According to the Icelandic media today, the church is in trouble.
A Priest has confessed to take part in hushing up alleged sexual misconduct by the former Bishop of Iceland.
The priest also says that the present Bishop,mr. Karl Sigurbjörnsson is incompitent to talk about the case,and wants an indepentent panel to investigate the matter.
14 years ago ,the Priest, Sigríður Guðmarsdóttir,got a letter as every priest in Iceland got, where a woman told about here encounter with the former Bishop,and later accused the Bishop.
Two other women also accused the Bishop for sexual misconduct.
The Present Bishop, then a Priest,mr. Karl Sigurbjörnsson,was part of an investigation team then,and people are now angry,because they claim that the present Bishop witheld information,,and tried to hush up the insident.
Daughter of the Former Bishop,who died in 2008,has gone public,and told about how he Sexually molested her.
Many are now signing out of Iceland National church.

Festival in Reykjavik

Last weekend there was a culture festival in Reykjavik.
Here  below you can see a video i took at the festival

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Cultural festival in Reykjavik,Iceland- video and photos

Yesterday there was the annual Culture festival in Reykjavik.
It started in the morning with the Reykjavik Marathon run,and later in the day and evening,lots of music and art festivals where all over Reykjavik city.
About a third of the Icelandic population attended the festivities ( IcelandPopulation: 300.000 )

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Protest in Reykjavik,Iceland. Photos

Last Tuesday,there was a protest in Reykjavik.
First at the Reykjavik county court house,where nine protesters have been charged with protesting illeagally last year.
According to the media, many police officers where in court,and controlled who could come in and the the proceedings.
People where angry,because it looke like that the Police was controlling the court.
And also there was a protest in front of the Goverment building.
Fish,and bread where put in front of the building,and then the seagulls came and did their thing on and around the Goverment building.
When the govermnet meeting was ove, people talked to ministers as the came out.

Click on the photos,and they will be bigger.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Corruption doing well in Iceland today ? video

Mr. Þorvaldur Gylfasson,a professor in economics at the Icelandic University,says in an interview,that the politicians in Iceland are incompetent and corrupt.
According to opinon polls,only about 13 percent of the population in Iceland trust the members of parliement.
The goverment did not translate the Black report, that investigated the banking crash,even though many recuests came from foreigners.
Politicians let the Banks go on,with most of the same pople that where in the Banks before and during the banking crash in 2008.
In the black report, it comes there clearly that the Banks broke the Law.

Video from Reykjavik
Here are a video i took last week in Reykjavik.
Hope you like it


Saturday, August 14, 2010

Protester arrested in Iceland - video

A lady was protesting in front of the Goverment building in Reykjavik,on tuesday.
She was alone,and was feeding the seagulls with bread.
The lady was protesting how the goverment is dealing with the elderly and the disabled.
The elderly and disabled are getting less pension,and are having a bad time here in ICeland.
But the lady ,who was protesting ,leagally in front of the goverment building was arrested.
A police officer,guarding the building came out and told the police to arrest her.
According  to the media in Iceland, the Prime Ministers assistance man,called the police ,and told them to take the protester away .
You can see on the video ,how it all came about.
But the lady was protesting ,and it is leagal to protest in Iceland.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Gay PRide Festival in Reykjavik,Iceland 2010 - video

Today there was the annual Gay Pride festival in Reykjavik,the capital of Iceland.
It started with a festival walk ,where big and small trucks drove downtown,with lots of music and festival greetings .
Around 80.000 to 95.000 thousand peole attended the festival,and that is pretty much here in Iceland,considering in Iceland the total population is around 300.000 thousand.
Gays now have all the leagal rights as others in Iceland.And this summer, the Prime Minister,Johanna Sigurdardottir, who is Gay, married here partner.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Gay Pride in Iceland tomorrow - video

Tomorrow ( agust 7th 2010 ) there will be the annual Gay Pride festival.
It is the second most popular festival in Iceland.
The number one ,is cultural day and night, wich is later in august.
LAst night at a Drag Queen and King competition in Reykjavik, the Mayor of Reykjavik, mr. Jon Gnarr ,attended in drag ,and celebrated the Gay Pride festival.
Here is a link to the BBC ,about the mayor in Drag.
Last year ,around 90.000 thousand people attended the Gay Pride festival in Reykjavik.
That is pretty musch,considering that there are only about 300.000 thousand people that live in Iceland.
The festival is for everybody to attend,and have fun.
Lost of music ,and they parade has lots of colors.
Here is a video from the Gay Pride festival .

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Magma trying to buy all Iceland energy,according to Bjork in Iceland

Bjork is in Helsinki ,Finnland,where she is promoting a 3d animated film on the Finnish Moomin cartoon characters, for which she composed and sings the theme song.
At the press conference she also said tha  "Magma is checking out if they could buy out all Iceland's energy sources,"
According to Bjork , Magma "has a reputation of working with the International Monetary Fund and buying up the energy sources of countries on the verge of bankruptcy," Bjork said, and claiming  that Magma has "already shown interest in buying up at least five other energy companies in Iceland."
Bjork is leading a campain against foreign take overs of Icelands natural power resources.