Friday, March 5, 2010

Icelands prime minister is not going to vote on saturday

Ielands Prime Minister, Johanna Sigurðardottir, is not going to take part in the NAtional Referendum tomorrow.
She will not vote, on a vote , that does not matter, and will not affect the negotiation Iceland is having with Holladn and England.

TOmorrow drums and horns will be used, as a paraide will walk to the protest site at 15:00 hours.
The paraide will start at Hlemmur at 14:00 hours,and are calling it, Peoples Parliement.
At the protest site ,in front of the Parliement building,speaches will made,and music will be played.

One of the Buisness viking , says in an interview,that he feels terrible about his part in the crash.
Pálmi Haraldsson,connected with Fons ,and Iceland Express,and Astreus.
He does not regret the money he lost on the crash, but he regrets the his reputation ,he has lost.
He has plased himself under somewhat of a house arrest.
Palmi has gotten threat mail, and he does not go outside in public.
He cant go to a public coffie house,and he sees that money isnt everything in life.

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