Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Banks in Iceland got away with tax evasion. video

According to the Icelandic goverment, that the investigation in tax offences,in connection with the banking crash in 2008,has shown that hundred of billions kronas,where not on tax reports,that it should have by law.
Johanna,Icelands prime minister,says that it looks like that the banks where working in a black economy system.
Price of houses in Iceland is still going down.
They house properety price has gone down 0,4 % since last month.
But the men who controlled the crash are having a nice time.
Debts written off , and few of them living in excellent houses in London .

Here is a video from the protest in february 2010.

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  1. Remember! taxes are how a government ...any government keeps you down and powerless. Either sapping your motivation or making it too hard to accomplish financial independence. If more people had business knowledge the world would be a better place.

    I am pulling for Iceland and think you should tell England to recover what they can from the banks.....NOT the people of Iceland. Its a bad thing to reward bad behavior!