Thursday, March 29, 2012

News from Iceland , bankers charged and fuel at a high price - video

Now the parliament in Iceland is talking about weather to put the new constitution to a referendum ,at the same time as the Presidentila election in later part of June .
The new constitution gives more power to the people,and of coursse,many members of parliament do not like that .
Bankers are being charged in the Icelandic courts,and people are waiting for the verdict of the former primmme minister,mr. Geir Haarde.
Gas price is at an all time high,and people are angry,and driving less.
When the Truck drivers protest agaisnt the high gas price in april 2008 - then the liter of fuel was at around 150 kronas. Now the fuel liter is over 267 kronas.
You can see here the truck drivers protest in april 2008 ----

Monday, March 19, 2012

Photos of Reykjavik in Iceland on a good day .

Last saturday i went for a little walk in Reykjavik and took a few photos.
The weather was cold but the view was excellent .
You can click on the photos and they will be bigger.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Former perminant secritary to the Minestry of finance in Iceland ,is now in jail.

 Former perminant secritary to the Minestry of finance ,is now in jail.
Mr. Baldur Gunnlaugsson,the former perminant secritary to the Minestry of finance,was convicted by Icelands Supreme court to two years in prison and a heavy fine.
Mr. Baldur was convicted for breaking the law in public office.
Just after he was at a meeting with a special comittie on the financial stability ,and also confidental information about on the sitution in Landsbankinn.
After that meeting ,mr. Baldur sold his stock ,in the value of 192 million kronas in 2008.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Price Waterhouse Coopers to court in Iceland -----videos

Mr. Geir Haardes case is still on at the National court in Iceland .
THe witness list is interesting,all former ministers and bankers during the banking crash in 2008.
And they are all pointing at someone else. Some use the  " i dont remember " trick.

THe Winding-up Board of Landsbankinn,that was appointed by the Icelandic Courts,is going to take Price Waterhouse Coopers ,to court.
Saying that the overvalued the Landsbanki properties before the crash in 2008.
And for signing on wrong audit papers , thus giving the wrong information  on the status of the Bank.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

David Oddsson questioned today at the Haarde trial in Iceland

Mr. Davíð Oddson , former Prime minister and Ceo of the Iceland central bank , was questioned today at the Geir Haarde trial in Reykjavik.
He said it was tough to answer questions for four hours ,without any papers,and said " then i better have a good memory "
When asked about the trial and what he thought the outcome would be , he answered , " Read the editorial of the Morgunbladid, I usually agree what is written there "
Mr. Davíð ,is one of two  editors of Morgunbladid.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Geir Haarde ,former PM of Iceland questioned by the National court today . video

Today was the Icelands National Court first meeting ,when the court starts its proceidings against the Former Prime Minister,mr. Geir H. Haarde.
Mr. Haarde pleaded not guilty on all charges. He has been indicted because of the banking crash and crisis in 2008.
This is the first time in Icelands history that a ministers is being made responsable about his work as minister.
Mr. Haarde was questioned all day.
And tomorrow their will be more vitnesses questioned,and there are about 40 -50 on the vitness list.
All former ministers and Bankers.
The trial is online on Twitter ,and you can use to translate  -!/ruvfrettir
Tomorrow , after noon, mr. David Oddson,former CEO of the central bank ,will be questioned.

On the video below ,that i took on november 24th,2008 - you can see Mr. Haarde ,and how he was velcomed to a citizen meeting -----

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Should Iceland exhange the krona for the Canadian Dollar ?--- video

Canadas Foreign office says that Canadas Ambassador in Iceland ,mr. Alan Bones can not attend a Progressive Party convention in Reykjavik,to discuss changing the Icelandic Krona out for Canadian Dollar.
And he can not discuss in any way about that ,ie. changing the krona of r the Canadian Dollar.
Alan Bones was in a interview with Icelandic media,and that made the Canadian Foreing office stop him from attending the convention.
In the interview,according to mr. Bones with the Canadian Central Bank,that the Canadian central bank ws interested in Ieclands interest in taking up the Canadian dollar,and was ready for formal talks with the Icelandic goverment.
It looks like that the Icelandic goverment is against discussing anything else but the Euro and the EU.