Monday, March 15, 2010

Protest in Reykjavik , march 13. 2010 photos

Last saturday ( march 13. 2010 ) there was the weekly protest in front of the parliemnet building in Reykjavik.
Still demanding help from the goverment,and that the govermnet keep it promises to the public.
The goverment promised last year to help the public with their bad loans.
But , people are loosing houses,cars ,and still no help in sight.
At the same time ,the banks write off big debts, for bankers,former ministers, CEO´s at big companys.
Tomorrow, at 12:00 , there will be a protest at the HQ of Islandbanki .

People are still waitng for the black report, investigative report, about the crash and who is to blame.
It has been postponed a few times, maybe it will never come out ?

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