Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Know the right people in Iceland ,and you will not have to pay !

Here is a story that was in DV,one of the newspapers in ICeland
There is a woman in Iceland who has three children.
Her husband died last january in an accident.
And recently she whent to her bank,and wanted to pay up the debt on her house, and interests,but asked the bank to cut some of the extra interests,that is put on every loan,to adjust for inflation.
She was offering to the debt but wanted the bank to cut down the extra interests,in the amount of 1.5 million kronas.
The bank said NO.
At the same time banks are giving away debts, for some of the CEO´s ,in the amount of billions.
Finnur Ingólfsson,former member of parliement,Mininster,and CEO of the ICelandic central bank a few years ago , got on one of his companys ,a debt of 3.5 Billion kroans written off.

Another one ,Mr. Bjarni Ármansson,former CEO of Glitnir bank, got 800 million debt written off and when asked about the debt, he siad, " it would be irresponsable use of my money to pay the debt "

So it does matter if you are connected to the people in power.

photos: top- Bjarni Ármansson

below - Finnur Ingólfsson

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