Sunday, August 28, 2011

Airshow in Iceland ,and lots of planes and the Dc-3 flies low over the airport,video and photos

Yesterday there was an airshow in a town just north of Reykjavik.
Its name is Mosfellstown.
The theme of the show was old airplanes and old cars.
Here you can see a old ( 1937 model) german glider.
This was used in Iceland for those that loved aviation and wanted to fly.
The guy on the glider was dressed in clothes from that period.
But the truck is not from that period.
And in Iceland ,it is not an airshow,if the DC-3 does not make an appearance.
Beautiful to look at , and everybody loves the sound of her engines.

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Monday, August 22, 2011

Big culture festival in Reykjavik,Iceland - video

Last saturday was the annual culture night in Reykjavik.
Downtown Reykjavik was closed for traffic,and in every street there where festivities going on.
Music all over the downtown area,and in the evening there was a big music festival.
And here you can see the Mayor of Reykjavik,mr. Jon Gnarr and the US Ambassador mr.Luis E. Arreaga,welcoming representatives of Reykjaviks sister city in the USA, Seattle.
Natives Americans also shoved there music and culture.
And outside , Harley Davidsson club, offered rides for the children
You can see that the weather is excellent ,warm and calm.
More than a hundred thousand attended the music festival,that ended with a big fireworks show.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Still illeagal loans in Iceland ,Central bank to answer questions.

Unemploymnet is now at around 6.5 % in Iceland.
Many have moved to other contries to get jobs,and mostly to Norway.
Taxes have been increased in all categories.

And now it looks like that the regular loans in Iceland ,have been partly illeagal.
Loans in Iceland are price indexed.
That means that if you take a loan for 25 years,and it is ten million kronas,then the payment is indexed.
So if you have to pay per month a few thousand kronas, there is ,interests rates ,and also price index that follows the inflation .
So if you interests rates where originally 4,3 percent,and infaltion 5,percent then the total interest can go up.
And  the interests rates go on the original capital and the payments.
But now, the Home owners orginasation have investigated ,and found out ,that the price index on the Capital of the loan, is not leagal.
They have gone trough all the laws ,and not found anything that says that the price index on the Capital is leagal.
But price index on the payment is leagal.
Not the CEO of the central bank has been asked by the Parliement Ombudsman ,and now people are waiting for his answer.
It looks like that the goverment is only out to help the companys and banks , but not the public,
I thought that the goverment was By the People and for the People. 

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Culture festival next saturday in Reykjavik ,Iceland - video

Next saturday ( august 20) ,there will be the annual culture night in Reykjavik.
That means that there will a festival in Reykjavik all day and all night.
Lots of music and festivities.
And in the evening there will be music festival with great Music.
Reykjavik sister town - Seatlle in the USA , will be celebrating their 25 anniversary.
So there will be lots of artists and native Americans from Seattle in Reykjavik.
And in the evening , White Sox- all star band will play .
Here is a video i took in 2009 ,and a video of the band White Sox all star band

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Gay pride festival in Reykjavik,Mayor in drag - photos and videos

Today there was the annual Gay Pride fesstival in Reykjavik,Iceland.
More than a hundred thousand people came to celebrate .
Mayor of Reykjavik,Mr. Jón Gnarr was in the parade ,dressed as a drag queen.
The Us Embassy walked also ,as you can see on one of the photos , in support of Gay Pride in Reykjavik.
The weather was excellent and people had great fun,as you can see and hear on the videos.
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Friday, August 5, 2011

Annie Mist Þórisdóttir world champ in Crossfit,must pay half in taxes

New world champ in womens Crossfit , is Annie Mist Thorisdottir.
She won 250.000 thousand dollars.
And is now the Fittesst Woman on Earth.
But when she returns to Iceland, she must pay half of the prize in taxes,and she must gice the goverment the Dollars in exchange for Kronas.
When the Icelandic handball team came back from the Olimpycs in China,with the silver medal,the got the order of the Falcon from the Icelandic President.
Will she get that same honour,for being number one in Crossfit ?

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Gay Pride festival in Iceland starts today , photos and video

Gay Pride festival starts today in Iceland.
And on saturday there will be a big festival in Reykjavik.
The total population of Iceland is just about 300.000 thousand people.
About 80 to 100 thousand people have attended the saturday festival in recent years.
Here are a few photos and video of the festival in 2009 and last year 2010.
Then the mayor of Reykjavik,mr. Jón Gnarr,attended in drag .
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