Thursday, March 4, 2010

If ICeland says no on saturday - then ,No Plan B !

According to the Swedens CEO of the Swedish central bank,there is no "plan B" if Iceland says no on saaturday on the Icesave account .
IMF( International Moneytery Fund) will assist ICeland ,When Scandinavia has started assisting Iceland.
And Scandinavia will assist Iceland ,after Iceland has has agrred on the Icesave account with England and Holland.
He said, that if the Icesave agreement is not agreed in the national referendum in Iceland next saturday ,that there is no Plan B.
Stefan Ingves ,Ceo of the Swedish central bank was answering questions at the Swedish parliement.

The weekly protest is on saturday at 15:00 hours in front of the parliement building.
Here is a video from the 20th of february 2010.

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