Saturday, March 6, 2010

National referendum in Iceland today - pointless ?

Today Iceland is holding a referendum on weather to pay the British and Dutch 5.2 billion dollars.
This is money that was lost after the Icesave bank collapsed in the banking crisis.
But Iceland prime minister is telling people not to vote,and she is not going to vote ,saying that better payment termes are being talked about ,between Iceland ,Britain and the Dutch.
It is known that the vote will probably go " no" on the law that was agreed on in the parliement last 31st december 2009.
But the ICelands president did not sign it,so according to the Ielandic constitution,then the law must be voted on by the people of ICeland.
It does not matter how the vote will go, because the new deal will just come into play.
The public is angry,why should the public pay ,for Bankers mistakes.

Icelands Prime minister,Johanna Sigurdardottir,also wants Britain to apologise to Iceland,for using anti-terror legislation against ICeland ,to freeze Icesave assets in Britain.
Icelands Prime minister and Icelands Finance minister are not going to vote, and look at the referendum as pointless act.

Today there will also be a protest meeting in front of the Parliement building at 15:00 hours.

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  1. here in Spain few media are talking about this referendum, but I think is a really important notice for the whole Euroland...
    personally I agree with Iceland people if they do not want to pay bankers mistakes.
    all the best to all of you!