Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Former PM and other ministers might be indicted in Iceland

A parliement comittee has recommended that the former Ministers in the goverment when the banking crash happend,in 2008 ,should be indicted for their part in the banking crash.
The comittie names 4 minister , and they are ,PM Geir H. Haarde , Ingibjörg Sólrún Gísladóttir ,Foreign minister , Árni M. Mathiesen Finance minister  and Björgvin Sigurðsson ,buisness minister.
Now parliement has to decide ,if they should be indicted.

Things in Iceland are strange these days.
Politicians arguing in Parliement, bankers having a great time, and the public going broke.
Nothing is being done to help the public ,with their illeagal debts,and many are now loosing theire proterties,houses and cars.

Parliement members have of course all, forgotten their campaign promises, Help the Public and Punish the bad guys.
Expecially when the bad guys are the fellow members in the party or their friends.

But 9 protesters are still in court, and could get jailtime,for protesting last year.
In this  is a message to the public in Iceland ,and i hope you see the message.

Here below you can see two of my videos i took at the protests .
and here is a link to all my videos on Youtube

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