Sunday, September 26, 2010

Iceland respect for parliement is not much these days - video

The respect for the Icelands Parliement is at an all time low these days.
While people are loosing there houses and around 1200 have to get food through Family Help, the Parliement is at the same time arguing if they should indict four former Goverment Ministers about their part in the Banking Crisis in 2008.
And the banks they help those that where part of the banks and had big loans.
They just write those loans off, but they auction off houses of the public ,that did not do anything wrong during the banking crisis.
Parliement members ,having promised to help the public,have off course forgotten those promises.
One and half year ago , during the protests ,a 8 year old girl made a speach at one of the protest meetings.
You can see it here below on the video i took,and it has English subtitles.
Not much has changes since then.
People wanted change in the Icelandic goverment system.
But that is one thing that the goverment does not want.

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