Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Iceland goverment helping some in the banking crisis ?

The Icelandic goverment is helping people a lot these days.
That is ,some people,like bankers that had big loans,CEO´s and so on.
And how do they pay for it all ?
They let those that had illeagal foreing currency loans , pay for it all.
Now Banks and money institutions are auctioning houses and automobiles of the people that cant pay anymore.
The number is that about 40.000 individuals in Iceland are in big money trouble.
That is a lot , since the  population in  iceland is about 300.000 .
Many have left the country,and many others have just given up.
You cant trust politicains,and nobody else in high office here in Iceland.
Many are going bankrupt these days.
About 1200 had to get free food yesterday,becuase they dont have money to buy food.

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