Saturday, September 4, 2010

Iceland goverment helps bankers ,but not the public.

According to local new in Iceland, the owners of big investing companys get a so called " stand - still agreement "
Wich means that they will not be taken to court,and his sequrities will not be taken.
But the public will of course pay,seuqurities taken ,and if the public cant pay, they will be made bankrupt.
The promise by the goverment to help the public,and those that took no part in the banking crisis,is no longer the promice that the Goverment will keep.
Dont know how it is in other countries,but here in Iceland ,the Goverment and FInacial institutions,are doing everything they can to help ,the Bankers and investors that are responsable for the Banking Crash in ICeland in 2008.
When next Parliement election will be, thare will be a problem for the public,who to vote for.
Corruption is now in every political party in Iceland.
All voting promices broken , and everything done to help themselves and friends.
photo- Iceland Goverment 1 october 2009

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