Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Fareo parliement member refuses to dine with Icelands gay Prime Minister

Icelands Prime minister ,Johanna Sigurdardottir is now in a official visit to the Fairoe Islands.

She is with her wife ,Jónínu Leósdóttur
Tonight the is a dinner in her honor by the Fareoen goverment.
But one member of the Fareoen parliement ,mr.Jenis av Rana,is not going to attend,because the Iceland prime minister is gay.
He is the leader of the Fareoen middle party.
He says the being gay,is against the Bible.
Now the news have hit Denmark,and many Fareoen politicians are angry at mr.Jenis av Rana, and say that he is putting shame on the Fareoen Island.

Fareo Islands are very conservative,and gays have no rights ther.
But here in Iceland ,gays have the same rights as everybody else.


  1. Of course that homosexuality is against the Bible's teachings, either jew or christian. You can't deny that. But you can choose to either follow thos teachings or not. It's that simple. I can refuse to accept homosexuality as normal, but who am I to judge people who don't follow the jew or christian rules? That's the point. Christians who say that homosexuality is good and isn't against the Bible's teachings, that's where the problem's at. You can't say that white is black or black is white and pretend no one will raise their hand in protest. But you are free to live according to those certain rules or not. The churches' mistake has been to deny that the Bible says what it says, because one only needs to go and read for oneself. But it's not the world's mistake to follow a certain path far from the Bible, as they have free will and no one can change that.

  2. Congratulations to Mr. Jenis av Rana. So ridiculous the behavior of some people.