Thursday, September 16, 2010

Iceland Supreme court rules on illeagal loans .

Icelands Supreme court made a ruling today,that all the illeagal foreign curency linked loans, should bear Icelands Central Banks interests.
That would mean ,that the interests rates on most of the loans will be in the order of , 15 to 20 %.
Many think that the Supreme Court is following the Goverment orders by this ruling.
The interests rate on the original foreign currency loan was around 3,5 %.

All Supreme judges in Iceland are hired by one man, and that is the Justice minister.
Not the Goverment or the Parliement take part in hiring Supreme judges,just the Justice Minister.

And all the Press in Iceland are political,and only write about and talk,what their Political views are.
There is no neutral Press in Iceland.

Some are for joining the Europian Union ,and others are against joining.
On the video i took last year, you can see how many think of the IMF.

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