Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Corruption in Iceland - and the system

Strange system in Iceland .
If you would like to be a success in Iceland, then you have to be politically ,or busienss connected.
The corruption here is still doing well.
Every goverment job , that pays well is politically appointed.
Does not matter if the ask for people to apply for the job,that is just a joke.
They do that so people think that people are hired honestly.
It does not matter what party is in control.
The corruption is in every Politicaal party in Iceland.
Most of the bankers that where in the banks during the banking crisis in 2008,are still there.
Only the CEO´s of the banks are out.
And they left with lots of money in their checkbook.

Like i heard this morning, The Iceland system is like the African tribe system.
One leader and everybody follows,whatever the tribal leader does.
If you follow the leader,and always agree to what he says, you can get up in the power ladder.

Here in Iceland ,they think only about their people.
Party members and/or friends.
Judges get their job from one man in Iceland.
That is the Minister of Justice.
And for the last 18 years ,before the banking crisis ,every judge in Iceland ,including the Supreme court,where appointed by then Justice minister.
From 1991 to 2009 , the same party controlled the Minestry of Justice.
Wich means that every judge in Iceland was appointed by that party.
That includes the Supreme court.

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  1. Some years ago I thought that the only hope for Italy was to be managed by people form Scandinavia and Iceland in particular, as you were famous for your honesty and skills.
    Now I see that what has been the normal behaviour of a whole country for decades is not just a distinctive representation of our culture and customs but a way of being belonging to everyone is given the possibility of doing it. And now, even the honests have failed, what's left for us, poor inhabitants of a corrupted Europe?