Saturday, February 6, 2010

Protest in Iceland february 6. 2010 - video

Today there was the weekly protest meeting in front of the ICelandic Parliement building.
Same demands as ever, that the Goverment keeps it promise.
And that promise ,is to help the public, who had bad debts after the banking crash.
Now there are many properties being auctioned , and people are moving in numbers to foreign countries.
Now there are 17.000 thousand people unemployed, out of a total population of 300.000 thousand.
Still nobody is being held responsable for the Banking Crisis.
The investigation into the Banking crisis, has been postponed two times.
They where to bring a report about the crisis , late last year, but postponed it to february 1st, 2010.
Then they postponed it again ,to later in february.
Here you can see my video i took today at the protest .

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