Sunday, February 28, 2010

The biggest banana republic in Europe , Iceland- video

When the govermnet took over in ICeland last year, they promised to protect the public.
That they would put a shield so that the public would not go bankrupt,and would survive the banking crisis.
Or that is what people heard and thought that they where promising.
BUt since then , the only peole who have gotten protection , and the goverment shield, are the Bankers ,and CEO´s of big companys.
They have gotten the debts,written off, and dont have to pay a pennie ,of what they had borrowd from the banks.

If you are ultra rich in Iceland , you are allowed to break every law in the book.
Many members of parliement are in this group,that do not have to pay.
And some have gotten their debts , in the hundred of millions, written off.
So they keep the big cars, and homes in Iceland and in foreign countries.
But the public will have to pay.

They have raised every tax on the public they could.
Income tax,gas tax, and so on.
Now there are unemployed 17.510 in Iceland .
While they are negotiating with the Bankers and CEO´s, at the same time are people put in jail for stealing a little meat to have something to eat.

And now for some humor.
On the video ,they call Iceland the biggest Banana republic in Europe .

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  1. Þarf ekki að setja þetta inn á ensku þeir skilja - þetta. Þarna kemur fram að Ísland sé stærsti Bananaræktandi í Evrópu vegna heita vatnsins.
    Ekkert flóknara eða dýpra en það