Thursday, February 11, 2010

Icelandic Civil Defence protests auctiones in Iceland

Yesterday ,one apartment was to be auctioned ,due to bad loans that the owners had on it. And after the Banking crash, they could not pay ,and the loan got higher.
But when the Sherrif and police arrived to auction off the apartment,there where protesters there .
They where not trying to stop the auction , but to protest ,what the govermnet is not doing for the public in Iceland.
The goverment and banks are writing off debts , by companys , and CEO´s of big companys, but they are taking the public ,to the cleaners.
The protest group that arrived to protest, are going to protest more,at auctiones, and they call themselfs , the Icelandic Civil Defence.
The signs says " Lawyers of all banks , Unite "

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