Monday, February 15, 2010

2 protesters sentenced in court in Iceland today

Two protesters where sentenced to prison today in Iceland.
Paul Ramses , a political assylum seeker from Kenya ,was being out of Iceland july 3rd,2008 .
At Keflavik International airport in ICeland, two protesters , who where protesting that the goverment where sending mr. Ramses out of Iceland, and not even investigating his claims for assylum, the protesters ran on one of the runways at Keflavik.
One of the protesters ,mr. Haukur Hilmarsson ,was sentenced to 60 days in prison,and the other one, mr.Jason Thomas Slade was sentenced to 45 dyas ,probation.
Mr Haukur Hilmarsson took part in the banking crisis protest last year, and was arrested then , but after a group of protesters attacked the Police HQ, he was soon relised from the Police HQ.
Mr Paul Ramses , was sent back to Iceland after a short stay in Italy. And he is still in ICeland.
Here you can see videos of when mr. Haukur , put a Bonus flag on Parliement and also the attack on Police HQ, and his speach when he was relised.
He talks in ICelandic , but he is telling the people to use their energy to revolt against the Icelandic goverment

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