Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Corruption is going well in Iceland

Ceo´s of companys are still asking for the banks to forget their debts.
And it is in the Billions of Icelandic kronas ( 1us$ = 128 kronas )
MAny of the govermnet appointed Ceos´of the banks,are also in big debts.
One of the CEO is an accountant, and owns four companys that are in 1,5 billion krona debt at LAndsbanki,but works at Glitnir banki.
Another former CEO of an insurance company ,,has asked that his debt ,of about 500 million kronas,be written off.
And he is the brother of the Finance minister,who was in the goverment when the banks crashed 2008.

Many of the bankers are sitting at both sides of the table.
All politically connected ,one way or the other.
They had good rules ,from the goverment, and could get the money out of the country ,to tax havens,and paid no taxes.

Few Members of parliement have also taken part in the money movement to foreign countries,and breaking the law, in taking illeagal loans.
There is a rotten fish in every political party in Iceland these days.

But to keep you all positive, here is a video i took last weeken, and it shows a frozen pond in center of reykjavik,and people having fun.

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