Monday, February 8, 2010

Max Keiser talks about the Icelandic crisis,with Egill Helgasson ,video

Here you can see an interview on Icelandic TV last sunday.
Egill Helgasson, with a TV talk show on the State TV in Iceland, tlaks to Max Keiser about the Banking crisis in Iceland.
The interview is quite interesting , worth watching.
It begins with a short clip in Icelandic , then they talk in English.

And here is also a interview by Max Keiser with a representative of the Indefence group in Iceland.

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  1. I love it. Why should the middle class Icelandic citizens pay for the billions that their rich banking families squandered? The Icelanders need to stay strong in their resolve to refuse to pay the foreign banks for the financial shenanigans of their foolish bankers and government officials. If Argentina could do it in 2001(and they did), why shouldn't Iceland?