Sunday, February 28, 2010

Media in Iceland not to be trusted ?

Are Icelandic press to be trusted ?
Icelandic reproters are all working for some political party.
Morgunbladid, the oldest newspaper in Iceland,is controlled by the former,Prime minister,CEO of the central bank and chairman of the Independence party,mr. David Oddson.
Frettabladid, the free newspaper,is controlled by the former editor of the Morgunbladid.
Frettabladid owners are the big CEO´s of Baugur group,Jon Asgeir Johannesson and others.
Channel 2 news is also owned by owners of Baugur group.
The state tv news ,is controlled by the Education minister,who is a member of the Left green movement.
Now the discussion is, did the reporters accept travel gifts and more from the CEO´s ,responsable for the Banking crash ?
Can Icelandic media be trusted ?
So you must always remember ,when reading the news, who owns this newspaper/tv/radio/webnews.

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