Monday, February 8, 2010

Corruption in every political party in Iceland ?

Arion Bank ( former Kaupthing) is taking Bjorgulf Thor Bjorgulfsson to court, and try to get him to pay 6 billion kronas.
It is the loan he and his father, Bjorgulfur Bjorgulfsson,got when they bought Landsbanki 2003.
Bjorgulfur Bjorglufsson,is bankrupt ,but his son still owns a few companys.
They havent paid anything ,of the loan that they got in 2003.

MR. Tryggvi Þór Herbertsson ,member of Parliement ,was before the banking crash,Economic
advisor to the Icelandic goverment.
Tryggvi had been a bank manager at Askar Capital ,before the Prime minister asked him to work for the goverment.
He said that he would take a 6 months leave from the bank,and he would not get any money from the bank,while he was working for the goverment,so there would be no conflict of interests.
No one of the medias in Iceland ,is saying that while he was working for the govermnent, he got 16 million kronas paid from Askar Capital ,as bonus money.
Tryggvi is in the Independent party

Mr Össur Skarpheðinsson,Foreign minister in the Icelandic goverment,sold his stocks in the financial company SPRON, and made 70 million kronas,just before the bank whent public on the Icelandic stock exhange.
And when it was finally public, the stocks fell down dramatically, and now SPRON is bankrupt .
Össur is in the The Social Democratic Alliance

Top -Bjorgulf Thor Bjorgulfsson
Middle-Tryggvi Þór Herbertsson
Bottom- Össur Skarphedinsson

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