Monday, January 26, 2009

Battle for the seats in the Icelandic goverment.

Ingigbjorg S. Gisladottir ( SDA ) foreing secretary and chairman of the SDA party had demaded that ,Johanna Sigurdardotti ,minister of social and insurance,be Prime minister.
That the Independence party could not accept,and that is why the govermnet had to resign.
Now, Ingibjorg ,has offerd the pther parties the same offer,where Johanna would lead the goverment until the elections may 9th.
National goverment ( every party takes part in that ) is the best soultuion ,says Geir Haarde,but under his control ,he says.
Sigrun blames the Independence party,for much of the economic collapse .
looks like everybody is fighting for chairs in the goverment,but not on how to save the economy

,and the people of Iceland.
People who are now protesting ,say that they dont like the arrogance of the ministers.
They should be trying to find a solution for the crisis, not arguing who gets the prime minster chair.

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  1. This is article on abc news about the fall of your government. Hope you will have video of the protestors celebrating!