Saturday, January 31, 2009

Iceland become Canadas 11th province ?

The National Post ,in Canada ,has suggested ,that they ( Canada ) so-hould buy Iceland .
When things go bankrupt ,then it is often sold to someone who could make it better.
and Canada could use the location of Iceland ,for their claims in the north atlantic.
Here is the article
And today ,there is yet another protest .
The weekly saturday protest ,and hopefully,peaceful.
I will be there with my little video camera.

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  1. Hi,

    There was another interesting proposal. Last October a Chinese blogger wanted to sign up a million Chinese people who will each pay up 100000 Yuan (10000 Euros) to produce 10 billion Euros, and outbid Russia's loan.

    He reasoned that the average Chinese citizen can enjoy a far better lifestyle paying 10000 Euros to live in Iceland, than to spend 100000 Yuan living in China.

    Unfortunately only 3000 people signed up...