Thursday, January 22, 2009

Protests in Iceland

Protests where again today ,in front of the Parliement building.
More peaceful today than last night.
Police in riot gear ,are standing in front of the building.
People are angry at the mob that attacke the police and tried to set fire to the parliement.
7 police officer got injured and could go to work today.
No arrests where made ,but police is going to use all the video information ,adn find the attackers ,and prosecute them.
There are two parties that controol Iceland.
Independence Party and Social Democratic Alliance or SDA.
SDA party members held a meeting last night - and agreed that there should be elections as soon as possible.
Here is another video from last night.
Tear gas was used last night ,and it had not been used since - 1949,when parliement agreed to join NATO .


  1. I have put you on my blog roll and will be posting an article about your situation later tonight. I also posted pictures and video on another blog:

    Our best wishes from the USA. We pray for you and your country.

  2. la tension monte!!!

  3. hi hi, you can find your video on this page
    Le figaro is a french right-wing newspaper. Title of the article "After the crisis, the contestation gets into/increases in Europe"

  4. from heat to ice. Greeteings from Greece. Keep couragious and do your best to improve your lives!

    We dedicate this video to you and your people, from the December events in Greece, triggered by the shooting of Alexis grigoropoulos, aged 15, by police, adn the dire situation a corrupted oligarchic system is bringing upon our youth, adn society in general

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  5. Thanks for your stories and your blog. Keep writing and telling us what is happening as western media won't cover it, they don't want same rioting & protests to happen in USA, UK or Australia etc..