Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Riot in Reykjavik 21 january 2009 iceland

People protested again today in Reykjavik.
First at the govemnet house - where the prime minister had problems driving away.
Police had to assist him ,and eggs and other stuff where thrown at his car.
You can see a video of that here in a Norwegian news page
Then the protesters continued protesting at the parliment building.
Parliement work was suspended today ,after the protest yesterday .
Protesters made fires around in front of the parliement.
Police ,had trouble putting the fires out.
They are still downtown protesting.

Peopel are still demanding the resigantoion of the goverment ,and central bank CEO.

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  1. j'ai fait une référence à ton blog et à une de tes vidéos sur mon blog...