Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Next prime minister Gay in Iceland ?

Now - Social demcratic alliance ( SDA ) is negotiating with the Left Green Movement ( LGM ) ,on a new goverment treaty.
If they agree ,then the new goverments Prime minsiter will be Johanna Sigurdardottir.
That could make her the first gay prime minister in the world.
Two other parties will support them ,but will not get any minister seats.

The vice chairman of the SDA ,Agust Olafur Agustsson,has decided ,to resign his post as vice chairman and not run for the parliement in the next election.
He says that he is going to school in a foreign country.

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  1. I cited your blog in my article, "Iceland to Install Lesbian Prime Minister Amid Financial Collapse, Toppled Government." See http://www.opednews.com/articles/Iceland-to-Install-Lesbian-by-Rady-Ananda-090128-695.html

    Thanks for your posts; keep them coming!