Monday, January 26, 2009

Icelandic goverment crumbles today.

The icelandic goverment resigned today ,during the economic crisis that is in Iceland.
This morning ,both goverment parties ,Independence party and Social democratic alliance ( SDA ) had meetings ,and at around 13:00 hours ( gmt ) prime minister Geir Haarde,( independence party ) told at a press meeting ,that the goverment had resigned.
Foreign secretary and party chairman to the SDA ,Ingibjorg S. Gisladottir , told the press ,that she wanted to have on of the ministers in her party ,to be Prime minister.
Geir Haarde could not accept that proposal.

At 16:00 hours he went to the President of Iceland ,and told him formally that goverment would resign.

The president told the press,that he would talk to evry party chairmen tonight . And see what ideas they had for the future of the ICelandic goverment.

Lots of people are now in front of Parliement ,celebrating the fall of the Icealndic goverment

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