Friday, January 30, 2009

No goverment this weekend in Iceland ?

I took this video today ,and the first clip ,is taken at 11:00 this morning - the sun is rising higher in the sky.

And it shows the winter here in Iceland - snow and minus 5 on the celcius
And the second part,the ravens - looks like the political climate these days in Iceland.

New goverment is about to be formed,but one of the parties that was going to support in parliement,is not happy.

They have seen the goverment agreement,between the two parties , the Sicial democratic alliance and the Left Green Movement,and the party ,( framsoknarflokkurinn ) the old farmers party ( dont know their name in engish, is coming in with demands ,for changes in the agreemnet.

And the goverment that was before - has gone,quit,so ,technically,Iceland has no goverment this weekend.

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