Thursday, January 21, 2010

Prtotests still in Iceland , video 2010

People who worked in the Icelandic Banks,say , that they dont understand how the system worked.
You put in the bank a thousand dollars,and the banks loans ten time that amount .
Most other countries had laws on the banks to have , sequrities ,a percentage of what was going out.
But in Iceland , there was no law on sequrities, so if something happened, they had no money to fix the hole.

Police think that there will be protests,when the Bnking Investigation Report, will be made public.
Parliement had a committie, investigate, the BAnking crisis, and to be honest in it.
The Police, think that the information in the report,will get the public angry.

Yesterday the State prosecutor, prosecuted a few protesters ,from last year.
The protesters where protesting in the ICelandic Parliement.
THis is the same prosecutor that Eva Jolie ,recomended,should get fired from his job, because he is to connected to the Banking crisis.

Many look on the Prosecution ,as the Prosecutor is getting his revenge ,on the protesters ,for the Bankers.
And still ,no Banker,or politician,who took part in the Icelands Banking fiasco,ha been charged with anything.

Now there are protests in front of the Parliement building every saturday,and here is a video from the protest last saturday.
Now there are 16.798 unemployed in Iceland.

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