Saturday, January 23, 2010

Claims on Kaupthing and indictments -video

Now the claims on the Kaupthing Bank ,that crashed , has just passed.
And former bankers,that contolled the crash and made it happen ,are demanding unpaid wages.
Sigurdur Einarsson,who has the Order of the Falcon,given to him by the President of Iceland a few years ago,is demanding 244 million kronas.
And indictments are being handed out,a year after the protests.
Not to the Bankers, no ,to 9 protesters ,who entered the Icelandic parliement ,and made some noise there.
Probably the bankers will get away with what they did.
Here are a few videos i took last year .

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  1. This is such a scandal, I can not belive all these people who helped put Iceland in the "shitter" are going to take their sins to the grave with them and let 9 people suffer for trying to stand up to them for the rest of the innocent citizens of Iceland. Karma will make sure these criminals will come back as geese and they will make it up to our grate-grandchildren (who will still be paying for their mistakes) by proviting warm goos down comforters as seen in that documentary the other day.